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    Offline Help files not accessible in Windows 7 Ultimate

    If you are facing problems while accessing the Help Files of Windows 7 Ultimate? Ask our experts for the best solutions.

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate installed on my system. I have a peculiar problem. The Help and Support will not work in offline mode. If i change it to online mode it works like a charm. I am getting the following error ( actually not an error) -


    Marking a partition as active is an advanced task that should only be performed by advanced users. Marking a partition as active on a basic disk means that the computer will use the loader (an operating system tool) on that partition to start the operating system.

    Don't mark a partition as active if it doesn't contain the loader for an operating system. Doing so will cause your computer to stop working.

    Click to open Computer Management.

    On the left, under Storage, click Disk Management.

    Right-click the primary partition that you want to make active, click Mark Partition as Active, and then click Yes.

    You can't make a logical drive or an extended partition active. Only a primary partition can be made active.

    There can be only one active partition per physical hard disk.

    If you have multiple hard disks installed on your computer, it's possible for each hard disk to have a partition set as active. However, the active partition on the first hard disk that your computer's BIOS detects is the one that will start the computer.

    If I select "Online Help" at right bottom corner, there are no issues and it works as it should. I have already checked the Bluetooth help error as has been posted in Microsoft support forums. I have no such file.
    For further info, I made a few changes in the registry and the offline help worked. But, on closing and relaunching the help and support, it is again back to what it has been. Registry entries modified by me changes to default again.
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    Your help file is corrupted it seems. And unless you repair or replace the installation, there is going to be more errors.

    There are many ways you can fix this. Here are two ways you can repair the help file.

    1. Repair Windows
    2. Reinstall Win32 Help application.

    Repairing Windows may not always be a good idea considering it may not patch the Help file. In such case you have to just replace or reinstall the Win32 help file application. The problem with repairing is that it usually replaces most of the boot and the display driver and window management issues. The help documentation being extension or integrated component, it may not solve the issue. So you may need some online patch or the KB installer for such issue.

    You can download the WinHlp32.exe from the following location:

    or use this URL:

    Make sure you run this installer and check if this fixes your help file issue. Do read the instructions if the installation is on the 64 bit Windows 7 installed on your system.

    Do also check this Microsoft Windows KB article for more information on win32hlp. See this URL:

    Reinstalling the Win32hlp app should fix this problem.

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    Thanks for that info. As an afterthought, I made the registry key changes in safe mode. Once I booted in the normal mode, the issue was resolved. Both online and offline help files now work as they are supposed to be.

    Here is what I did if this is going to help anyone with the issue -

    First of all boot into the Safe mode.
    1. Enter regedit from search box.

    2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER

    3. Go to SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Assistance ->Client -> 1.0 -> settings

    4. Now on the right pane, locate MergeRequested.

    5. Click on it and change the data value from 0 to 1.

    6. Exit Registry Editor.

    Now, reboot your PC/laptop and check if works.

    Live....and Let Live!

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