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  • How to get a Twitter Verified Account - any tips

    Are you looking for ways to get a Twitter Verified Account? Ask our experts for a step by step guidance.

    I have seen some of the Twitter accounts that have blue right ticked mark saying it is 'verified account', whereas most of the genuine accounts have no such verified badge from Twitter. How to get a verified Account on Twitter? Is there any process that a Twitter user has to undergo? Do we need to apply for it? Kindly elaborate on this!
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  • Follow these steps to get a verified Twitter account -

    1. Make sure you qualify for the Verified account from Twitter
    You need to be a highly recognised brand or a personality. As a rule, Twitter admits only a few accounts for the verified status. If there are instances that your brand or personal identity is likely to get fake accounts in your name, you are most likely to get the verified account status.

    2. Check and understand the terms and conditions clearly

    The terms contain information on what exactly is a verified account and how it is identified as a verified account. You may get the terms and conditions from the link -

    3. Apply for the Verified account

    Send a Direct Message to the account Do not forget to include the following details -
    1. Account name
    2. Your full name
    3. Official website if you have any. You may need to add a Twitter logo or badge on your website.
    4. Location
    5. Your Bio info in 160 characters.
    6. Primary contact name and other contact details

    5. Wait for the verification
    It may take quite a long time to get a response from Twitter. If you think the waiting time is unreasonably longer, you may choose to contact Twitter via mail or through Twitter itself.

    6. Check and verify verification link
    If your request is granted, you will receive a Direct Message from Twitter. Click the link provided in the message to confirm and authorise the verification process.
    Under step 6, you may be asked to follow certain instructions to comply with. Once you complete all the instructions properly, your account will get verified.
    That's it. Your account now is a Verified Twitter Account.

    Verified account has a few benefits associated with it. Your brand or identity gets a better credibility. It also improves your social media presence. The verified status helps you identify yourself as the genuine one as against the fake accounts.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Twitter Verified accounts are not for any random person. They are meant for the people with authority in their industry. For example, any random person opening account may not get the verified symbol.

    The qualification criteria for the verified account is -

    1. Authority in industry such as news, politics, sports, film celeb, published writer, business person, philanthropist.
    2. Popular persona.
    3. No tweet count relevance.
    4. Person who is known to hold speech value (as in controversial)

    The team at verification center always keeps changing criteria and for that reason many known people didn't got the verification as of yet. Twitter is very selective and the process for verification is not same for all types of user as well.

    For example, for those with news and politics, simple image of them holding the twitter username can be used for verification of account.

    For others the process is different but some of the common verification documents are by using support ticket. Go to the following URL:

    Here you have to create a ticket and provide the following details.

    1. Account name.
    2. Identity proof (passport works better)
    3. Real image holding twitter username banner
    4. Real image passport size
    5. Wikipedia page or bio page link.
    6. Email or contact info.

    Once you submit these details. You'll be either verified by call or email in some cases. For more popular personality, the given details alone suffice and can get the verification done.

    If you have done the verification on Periscope and Vine then that verification can be cross over to the Twitter as well. You just have to create another support ticket mentioning these details.

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