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    Advice about Yamaha or Honda

    If you are going for a new bike and is fixed in making a choice between Yamaha SZ RR or Honda Livo, ask our technical experts for the best advice.

    I have options to buy Yamaha SZ RR or Honda Livo. As far as budget is concerned, I don't have any problem in buying any one of these.
    But I need advice on which of them should I buy? Yamaha SZ RR or Honda LIvo?
    Please advice me by keeping in mind their performance, maintenance and the look.
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  • It is my personal opinion to go with Honda Livo. I don't know other's opinion on this but since Honda and its every product is worth to buy and use. Plus, Honda Livo is like a sibling of Honda Shine which the bike once rocked on Indian road.

    Honda Livo is also 110cc bike with four gears option. It is also better one for mileage and maintenance concern. This is one of the latest and stylish bike at the moment which the Honda concentrate to release urban and rural area and its uses. In addition, Honda products are worth for even on re-sale value, so, this is the best choice among two bikes given.


  • Both of these bikes are good but they differ a lot in terms of price and specifications. A lot of it comes down to the price and the personal preference. Though one bike may perform better than the other but rest choice comes down to you.

    Honda Livo has 109.19 cc engine whereas Yamaha SZ-RR has 153cc engine. You can see that the pickup and performance wise SZ-RR does a lot better.

    Mileage wise Livo is performing good within city limits. The average tests being done shows the performance is pretty much consistent for both bikes. It has fuel capacity of 8.5 Ltr and whereas the Yamaha SZ -RR has a bit lower. Both the bikes perform better on highway roads. However, Yamaha SZ-RR has some better performance on such roads. Livo being low forced engine may perform lower than SZ-RR.

    The price of Honda Livo is 52,989 and 54,989 (the difference in price is based on drum or disk alloy being used). In case of Yamaha SZ-RR the price is 65,300. The local VAT and other prices will be reflected respectively.

    If we go by comparing each spec then you'd find the Yamaha SZ-RR has better specs and performance. Also the Honda Livo being less favored performance review in the market. So this makes choice more leaning towards the Yamaha SZ-RR. If you have a choice and budget, I'd say go with Yamaha SZ-RR.

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