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  • How to use State Bank Reward points?

    Do you know how to use State Bank Reward points? Get aa step by step guide to avail that benefit from our technical experts.

    I would like to know how to use State Bank Reward points. State Bank Rewardz is a popular program and I have accumlated few points. I would like to know how to redeem the points. Let me know.
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  • For redeeming the reward points on State Bank Rewardz program, you will need to install the State Bank Rewardz app on your smartphone. You can set up your account by signing up with the credentials you have signed up for the service. Once done, the app will list out the rewards you have accrued so far.
    There are many options to redeem the rewards points. You can use the points for recharging mobile number. 40 points are equivalent to Rs. 10.

    To redeem your points, follow these steps -

    1. Login to your SBI Rewardz account.

    2. Find the products you would wish to redeem.

    3. On the payments page, select the payment by points.

    4. Pay the remaining amount if any using any of the payment modes.

    Alternatively, you may download the State Bank Rewardz mobile app. Follow these steps -

    1. Download and install the app from your app store.

    2. Login with your credentials.

    3. Choose among the options to redeem your points.

    4. Make the balance payment if any by debit card or internet banking.

    There is a good initiative launched recently. Unlike in the past where only those spends on the card were considered for rewards, State Bank now provides points for all your transactions across all the banking channels like internet banking.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here's the process to redeem the SBI rewards points. Follow the steps below for redeeming the points.

    1. Login to Statebank reward website.
    2. Check your balance for points.
    3. Choose the merchants from the list where you wish to use thee points.
    4. Proceed with the transaction.
    5. Enter the details and rewards number during the checkout.

    Note: You can also use SBI app for the online transactions and other shopping purpose. Most of the retail places partnered with SBI accumulate the points on your account. Do note that SBI credit card points are accumulated and credited differently than the debit cards and other transactions.

    State bank rewards can be used for most of the transactions as per the official website information. Any transaction done on the SBI partnered place will get some points for you. It is possible to use Android app to track such transactions and see the points accumulated.

    Some of the merchants that allow SBI rewards points are:

    1. Sogo Retail
    2. Citrus Hotel
    3. Total Sports & Fitness
    4. GRT Jewellers

    There are many other places where you can redeem the points online. Check the official website for more information.

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