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    How can I transfer Samsung Galaxy contacts to computer?

    Want to know how to transfer the contacts from your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to the computer? Keep checking this Ask Experts thread to know it in more detail.

    How shall I transfer my contacts on Samsung Galaxy smartphone to computer? Please explain the steps involved.
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  • There are a few applications available that let you transfer your contacts from Samsung Galaxy smartphone to your PC. Most of these are third party softwares.
    One such application is Android Data Transfer. The application lets you import or export contacts between your PC and smartphone. Here is how you can go with it -

    1. Download Android Data Transfer from the link Install the program and launch it.

    2. Connect your device via USB or WiFi.

    3. The application will detect your device and displays the details on the main window.

    4. On the left side bar, click on Contacts.

    5. Click on the contacts you would wish to transfer and click on Import/Export option.

    6. In the drop down list click on Export selected contacts to computer option. If you want to export all contacts, you can click on Export All contacts to computer.

    7. Done! Your contacts will be imported to your PC.

    Alternatively you may use Samsung Kies to transfer your files to your PC. However, it does not support contacts transfer. I have checked it personally on my PC as I have a Samsung Galaxy series smartphone. Samsung Kies is an application from Samsung that lets you connect your phone to your PC.

    The best option to transfer your contacts would be to use Google Contacts. Make it a point to sync all your contacts with Google. That way, you can access your Google account on any PC any time and get back your contacts. You may also use other cloud services like Google Drive or DropBox for the purpose.

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  • There are many ways you can export and use the Samsung Galaxy contacts to computer.

    The best option in my opinion is to sync it with some cloud service and then download or export it. The exported file then can be used by any application on computer. This could be Microsoft Contacts or Google contacts in Gmail.

    Export from Android

    Follow the below steps in order to export the contacts to computer.

    1. Open Contacts app by tapping into icon.
    2. Tap the app's menu (instruction will vary depending on the Galaxy version)
    3. Tap import and export.
    4. Tap export to SD (or USB, whichever applies).

    You can download Samsung Galaxy PC Suite(old version) or (Kies for new Galaxy phones). The version specific to device model can be also obtained. You may want to use SoftPedia to find and download the installer specific to your device.

    Export from PC Suite / Kies

    1. Connect your device to computer using USB.
    2. Copy the contacts and save them on the local drive.
    3. Alternatively you can export them in excel format or vCard format which Google can read.
    4. Import the file into contacts application on your PC. If it requires any other format then you have to export the file respectively from the kies.

    In this method you can get the exported contacts either in Vcard format or excel depending on your option selected. I suggest using excel if you want to import into Outlook contacts. In case of Google mail contacts, you can use the Vcard format.

  • I am sorry for posting a second response here, but being a Samsung Galaxy user myself - I could not locate any option for importing contacts via Kies. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone and I have Kies 3 installed on my laptop. The application allows you sync or import images, videos and music files from your phone to the PC. There is no option for importing contacts.

    I have personally checked it again and found it absent.

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  • There are different ways to export contacts to Your pc and here is the one of the easiest way to export contacts from Samsung Galaxy smart phone:
    1. Go to contacts and then click on settings.
    2. Go for" export contacts to Device".
    3. Your contacts will be saved into "My File".
    4. Connect your phone with PC through USB cable and then copy the Folder "CONTACTS" from "MY FILE" to your PC.

  • Thanks for your replies, I used Coolmuster Android Assistant transfer my contacts to computer in a few steps. Visit to know more

  • As I know, there're some special designed android data backup app that could transfer everything from your phone to computer.

  • With the help of an Android Assistant tool, you can save a lot of time to transfer or backup text messages, contacts, photos, and other media files like music and video files. Give it a a try on MobiKin Assistant for Android.

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