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    How to transfer blog to a self Hosted

    Do you want to know how to transfer a blog to a self Hosted Ask our experts for a step-by-step guidance.

    I have created a wordpress blog named The blog is about Bollywood entertainment. I want to transfer my blog to a self Hosted blog. I also want to know which Hosting provider is good. Give me a step by step guide to transfer my blog.
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  • I assume that your host supports WordPress installation or has scriptaculous or other method to install it on your account.

    For migration follow the steps explained below: WXML Export

    1. Login to
    2. Go to the Dashboard of the blog your wish to transfer.
    3. Go to "Tools" tab.
    4. Go to "Export" menu option.
    5. Choose the "Export (Free) link.
    6. In choose what to export page, Choose "All".
    7. Download the content in WXML format.

    On your hosting side, you need to do few things in order to transfer this content. I assume you have cpanel with script installer. I also assume that you have your own domain name. Follow the steps below to install WordPress.

    WordPress Self Hosted Installation

    1. Login to Cpanel.
    2. Find the script installer such as fantastico or any other customer script installer.
    3. Find option to install WordPress.
    4. Choose your domain, directory and admin username.
    5. Install WordPress on the domain.

    This installation will send you details of your login and also the dashboard login link.

    Follow the steps below to import the content into your new WordPress installation.

    WordPress WXML Content Import

    1. Login to WordPress Dashboard (your hosted domain wordpress dashboard)
    2. Go to "Tools" Tab.
    3. Click on "Import" menu option.
    4. On Import page you can see one option "WordPress" import.
    5. Click on the link that says "WordPress".
    6. Install the WordPress import plugin.
    7. Choose the file you downloaded from your website.
    8. Let the plugin upload all the content, including images etc.
    9. Click on Import button.

    At the end of this step, all the content from the WXML file is imported into the WordPress. After this make sure you enable the Jetpack plugin to cache your images. This way any new image added to the WordPress blog will be cached and wont' have any issue in case you have issues with uploaded content.

    WordPress Permalink Configuration

    Make sure to also adjust the Permalinks in Settings> Permalinks.

    These permalinks can be changed as per your SEO choice. Or you can keep the URL's as per the SEO options in the Blogger as well. I suggest you to choose new options offered by WordPress and choose the most optimal permalinks.

    By following above steps you have your blog moved from to (self hosted domain).

  • Well, it is quite easier to migrate from to Follow the steps mentioned below to be able to achieve the migration –

    Before you start to migrate
    First things first. You need to get a good web hosting service. Choose the one that can work seamlessly with WordPress. I would recommend using Bluehost for the purpose. However, if you have any other hosting service that you are comfortable with, you may opt for it. I suggested Bluehost just because they offer you a free domain along with better plans for WordPress users.
    And the steps
    Export your data from your blog
    1. Sign in to your account.
    2. Navigate to your blog dashboard.
    3. Locate the Tools on the sidebar and click on Export.
    4. The next screen will ask you whether you would want to opt for Free export or Guided export.
    5. I would suggest opting for Free option as the guided option will be a paid one.
    6. The next screen will ask you to choose the content you would like to export. Choose All Content and click on Download Export File.
    7. The export file will be downloaded in the form of an XML file. Save it at an appropriate location on your PC.

    Setup your account
    1. Sign in to your web hosting account and go to the control panel.
    2. You should get a WordPress install option.
    3. Click on Install button. It should take a few easy clicks to install the WordPress on your hosting panel. The steps are self-explanatory and almost automated.
    4. Once completed, your WordPress blog is set up on your hosting account.

    Import your content into the
    1. Sign in to your new self hosted blog.
    2. Move on to the dashboard.
    3. Click on Tools and then on Import.
    4. You will see a few options to import from. Choose WordPress from among the options.
    5. You will be asked to install WordPress Importer Plugin. Follow the instructions and install the plugin.
    6. Activate the plugin and run it.
    7. Once run, the plugin will ask you to upload your XML file.
    8. Browse to the location you saved the XML file downloaded while exporting the content from the
    9. Upload the file. The importer will import all the content to your new blog.
    You have now successfully migrated your content from blog to You will now need to take further actions to keep your traffic unaffected. Follow these steps –
    1. Import your Blogroll links.
    2. Redirect your visitors to your new blog.
    To be able to do that, you may use the upgrade that is priced nominally. The plugin is named Site Redirect.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • So, as the above answers may give you a clear view on how to migrate your blog from to .org . Regarding the question about good hosting provider, here is my experience with different hosting providers.

    1. Hostgator

    I think this is the cheapest and reliable hosting provider. As a beginner, you can start out with this. Am using Hostgator India from 8 months and its good. Basically, everyone will suggest you go with Hostgator US but it's not a big deal, go with India and use CDN.

    2. DO ( Digital Ocean)

    Probably the best out of all but needs a bit technical brain to deal with it. They serve as droplets and uses RAW data rather than shared. Their service starts with $5 per month, you can add additional droplets, it's up to your requirement.

    3. Others

    Interserver, Bluehost, In motion hosting, Siteground are the other providers which I have experience and all are the same but if you have some good technical knowledge go with DO or else go with any of the others.

  • Thanks guys. I transferred my site to self hosted blog.

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