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  • How to get Windows Update working on Windows 7?

    Are you facing trouble in getting Windows Update working on Windows 7? Ask our experts how to go about it.

    Windows Update on my Windows 7 Ultimate does not seem to be able to pick up updates. When I launch the Windows Update - either from Control Panel or Search - it keeps saying "Searching for updates...." and stays like that. How to fix this? Is there any trusted third party software available for the same?
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  • Windows 7 had this issue in different instances. For example prior to Service Pack 1, it was due to some request corruption. After Service Pack 1 the issue was more complicated and required different fix. Depending on the updates applied to your machine, the problem could be different and solution may differ as well.

    Fix 1 -Microsoft released one tool to fix some of the update issues. However this tool itself gets updated on regular basis. So you may need to update it as well. You can find this tool in the following URL:

    On this page you have to select the operating system version. And you can either download or let the Windows do this from cloud itself by extracting small download file which detects some issues that they see with updater.

    Fix 2 - Another fix is to check whether your CPU is overheating while you're updating Windows or during the time when you run Windows updater. So this error can be solved by following the KB article instructions. You can find the installer and instructions here in the URL:

    Fix 3 - If you have Service Pack 1 Installed on your Windows 7 then you can use this fix. If you don't have service pack installed then you may need to install that.

    1. Download the below installer:
    2. Download System Update Readiness tool :

    First install the installer from KB article and restart your system. After restart you can run SUR tool. This helps you to diagnose and fix the update issue.

    Alternatives to Windows Updates I am assuming that you may or may not be able to solve the issue from the above methods. In such case you can still update the Window 7. Follow the below places for how to do just that.

    1. Portable Update : This place has updates for most supported MS OS versions. This includes Windows 7.

    2. WSUS Offline Update : Another option to download Windows update. This does the same work as portable update but takes a bit more time. URL :

    This should give you some head start on the Windows update issues.

  • Thanks for that useful info. But, actually, if I do not want to force it by the manual downloads as suggested by you, how much time does it take for the first updates appear on a fresh install of Windows 7? I mean, the time taken for the first set of updates once I set it to automatic download and install?

    Live....and Let Live!

  • If the Windows 7 install is fresh (as in few hours to days) then making the setting of "Download and Install Updates" would install updates in the background. The patch applying part happens during the shutdown or restart time. That's how automated updates and patching works for Windows (Regardless of the version you use).

    Time taken for such automated updates is often few hours depending on your internet connection.

    Only reason I'd suggest you not to use the automated update install is because it downloads one installer with it named as "Windows Genuine Validation". This installer if runs in background will kill all the service requests made to the Microsoft servers if they found "pirated" version. And often this is the reason many times Windows Update stops updating. If you manually download and install updates then you get the option to uncheck these install files.

  • So, the best option would be to select the second option which says something like " Download updates, I will decide when to install", right? That is exactly what have set on my laptop. Thanks for those suggestions. They were really helpful.

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  • Yes. That setting would be the best to go with the installation. The updates can be then unchecked and installed. I personally set it on that too. If you're unsure about what each update means and does on system, you can find it because of this selection. Always uncheck that validation installer.

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