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    Should i buy Suzuki Let's scooter?

    Do you want a guidance on whether you should buy Suzuki Let's scooter? Here are the best guidance from our technical experts

    I have been making my mind to purchase Suzuki Lets vehicle for my wife . She prefers a small weight vehicle and does not want to buy TVS pep+. But I have a negative sense about Suzuki Lets scooter, so I got confused . Can anyone suggest me if Suzuki Lets is a worth buy or I have to regret this decision later on.
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  • Yes, you can buy Suzuki Let's scooter and it is one of the best choice for ladies though this is like a unisex scooter and can be used by both (Men and Women). It gives enough mileage compare to other segment / brand vehicle. It has 112cc engine and four stroke engine. The mileage stated as 55-50 per km which is really better one compare to the other scooter that gives 45 initially and changed to 30-35 later on.

    The only drawback from this brand compare to other brand is, re-sale value. For example, if you buy a Honda scooter like Aviator or Activa those will give better re-sale value than other segment brands. Since your aim is not to sell it but use it, so, nothing to worry about it and you can go ahead to buy Suzuki Let's scooter.


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