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  • How to use and redeem FreeCharge tokens ?

    Are you keen to know how to use and redeem FreeCharge tokens ? Get the best guidance from our technical experts.

    Online recharge website, has introduced a new concept called 'Tokens'. I would like to know what exactly are these tokens. What is its use? How to redeem Freecharge tokens? Please let me know.
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  • You can use these tokens in two ways from your latest freecharge application in your smartphone under rewards section in menu.

    1)Emergency Lifeline Offer

    You can use five of your tokens to get 100 MB 3G data when you are running out of data or when your data pack expires.

    At max, an user can have 6 tokens in his account. You get one token for every recharge of 50 Rs or more.

    Another way to use your freecharge tokens is to use it to predict ongoing cricket score.

    But this is not applicable for all mobile network operators. When you visit Emergency life line offer under Rewards in your freecharge app, you can know if your mobile number is eligible for this offer.

    2) Predict To Win

    You can predict upto 20 times for a match.

    *Before the 15th over of the 1st innings will cost 1 token
    *15th to 18th over of the 1st innings will cost 3 tokens.

    If your prediction is correct, you will get the score you predicted as a cashback in your account.

    If you have freecharge application in your mobile, you will be getting notification for every match.

    There was one more offer till end of December 2015, Spin n Win, where you will get one token for every recharge of 50 Rs but more than 5 tokens, using which you can Spin n Win upto 1,00,000 Rs prize.

    Currently, only the first two offers are ongoing.

  • Well, FreeCharge regularly comes up with such special offers from time to time The tokens are just one of such offers.

    You get tokens for every recharge you make on the FreeCharge app or web portal. For every recharge of Rs. 50, you get one token. These tokens are a way to express gratitude for using the service.

    You have the following options to use these tokens -

    Predict2Win Campaign

    Predict2Win is the campaign run during important cricket series. You just need to predict the first innings score using the tokens. If your prediction comes true, you stand a chance to win cashback.
    You need to meet certain conditions to be able to participate successfully. You need to predict the first innings score by the 18th over. The cost of prediction will be One token if you make the prediction within the 15th Over and 3 tokens if your prediction comes up between 15 and 18 overs. If your prediction comes true, you stand to win the amount equal to the final score as cashback. Please note that the cashback will be in the form of FreeCharge wallet cash.

    To participate, login to your account and click on Rewards ->Predict2Win. Select the match that is open for the contest. Typically, all the matches that are underway at the moment are open. Predict your score.

    Emergency Lifeline
    You can use the tokens for getting internet data in times of emergency. Just Login to your FreeCharge account. Navigate to Rewards ->Emergency Lifeline. You can use 6 tokens and get 100 MB of free data. You may also decide to use less number of tokens and get less data at the corresponding rate.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • FreeCharge is one of the leading online mobile recharge websites in India. It offers a number of promotional campaigns from time to time.

    You can use the FreeCharge tokens following way:

    1)Predict the IPL score and win: You can use the token to predict the score of first batting team in IPL. If your prediction is correct, you will get the money equivalent to the score in your wallet. You can make one prediction for one token before 15 overs. I had tried this offer and was not able to predict the correct score. It is quite hard to predict the exact score in my opinion.

    2) Spin and win: You can participate in the spin and win contest and win recharge or IPL tickets. I had personally tried this option and just won Rs 1 recharge (with 5 or 6 spins).

    I hope that you are using promotional codes on FreeCharge as well. They offer cash back not only on recharge but also when you are adding money to FreeCharge wallet. Let us do some maths here:

    You add Rs 250 to FreeCharge wallet with promo code and get Rs 25 cashback.

    You further do two recharges worth Rs 100 and get Rs 20 each time. You get Rs 40 back. Finally , you use 10% cashback for remaining 50 and get Rs 5 back.

    So for total of Rs 250 spent on recharge, you get Rs 50 back. Moreover, with each recharge, you can opt for MacDonald coupon as well.

    Krishna Verma

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