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    What is Mi Ecosystem?

    Mi Ecosystem is the new sub-brand for the peripheral devices from Xiaomi. Learn more about Mi Ecosystem.

    I just heard that Xiaomi is re-branding its products to a new brand called "Mi Ecosystem". Is that true? What exactly is Mi Ecosystem? Why are they re-branding when they are already well established? Are they going to change the name of all their phones?
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  • Mi Ecosystem is the new sub-brand from Xiaomi. They have just made this announcement in the press release. Since they have come up with several peripheral devices and accessories, they felt the need to bring them all under a separate sub-brand and that is what the Mi Ecosystem is.

  • Xiaomi has been into a plethora of consumer products. Apart from the smartphones, they have into the manufacturing a myriad number of products like Televisions, Air Purifiers and medical equipment. They have now decided to bring all these into one single sub brand and this particular sub brand is referred to as Mi Ecosystem.

    Forayed into the consumer electronics with the launch of smartphones, Xiaomi now has diverse products under its umbrella. Ants Webcam has been the latest entrant into its portfolio. They have also forayed into the medical equipment arena with Mi Band which is a pacer and a Blood pressure monitor.

    The idea behind Mi Ecosystem is the investment in different hardware companies. They have already invested in all sorts of companies including the startups and listed organisations. There is a focus on companies manufacturing smartphones, routers, televisions and home appliances. As of now, Xiaomi has invested in around 55 companies. The company is targeting an investment in 100 or more firms.

    The Mi Ecosystem is concentrating on three platforms - Mobile phones and mobile internet, E-commerce and Cloud services.

    Aimed at changing the perception of China made goods, Xiaomi has been planning the introduction of many new products. They want to redefine the word "China Made" to Good Quality. As part of the strategy, they have been investing in major consumer durables and consumer electronics.

    To realize all these future plans, the firm will be working under a new identity of Mi Ecosystem.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Mi Ecosystem is Xiaomi's strategy to create lifestyle product brand. Similar to LG, they are coming up with some of the lifestyle products such as - Yeelight table lamp, pressure cooker, LED Lamps, Fridge and TV. There are many other small products coming into the market in next few years.

    As per Announcement, Mi Ecosystem's first product is - Smart Rice cooker.

    In 2016-17, they are releasing, smart phone, TV, Kitchen appliances in China. Based on the performance of these products the worldwide distribution is likely to proceed.

    The branding for these brands earlier were different from the Mi's official brand. e.g. Yeelight was under Xiaomi but were marketed as Yeelight. Now all the products released under Xiaomi will have Mi Ecosystem branding. In next few quarters they are going to release the distribution and franchise system for the brand. So you can expect more products under this sub branding.

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