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  • Adsense Western union payment in India

    Do you know what are the other payment options currently available in India? Here are the relevant and authentic answers from our technical experts.

    Does Adsense pay by western union payment in India ? If yes, mention the detailed procedure to get money by using western union payment in India. Also please inform in how many countries is this option available and whether it is completely safe. What are the other payment options available in India, as Adsense has discontinued cheque option now?
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  • Currently Adsense has two payment options - cheque or the EFT mode for the payments.

    Those who have switched to EFT can't use the cheque method anymore. You don't get that option if you have new adsense account or if the account is monetized using YouTube. Users can create new profile for the EFT payments.

    Western Union is not available payment mode for Google adsense in India. That payment mode is limited to some other countries. In case of India only EFT or Cheque option is available.

    Adsense didn't discontinued the cheque option as of yet. It has given option of either EFT or cheque. You can upgrade to EFT from cheque. But for some account you can't downgrade from EFT to cheque.

    Out of these two, the EFT payment mode is more secure. As the money is transferred to your bank account. You have to send the bank following information when you get EFT money in USD. Bank needs purpose code (which is often P1007, Online advertising), your savings account number. Also do give a declaration about such payments once in your home branch. This way you don't have to explain yourself every month when payment arrives in your account.

    Both of these payment methods have threshold of 100$. And you can't get money for lower amount than that. You can increase the threshold to 200$ or 500$.

  • Payment by cheque for your AdSense earnings has still not been discontinued. But, Google has upgraded the payment system to EFT.

    The EFT payment has been treated as the safest method for getting your Google AdSense payments directly into your bank account.

    Since the payments arrive into your bank account in foreign currency, you may need to explain this to the bank. Google recommends you to obtain the specific instructions from the bank to get the payments via the US Dollar Wire Transfer from abroad. As stated in the previous response, it would be advisable to provide a declaration to the bank branch where you have your account about this recurring payments from abroad.

    The currency conversion is dome by the respective bank and you may be charged a nominal fee for the conversion. It would be better for you to get the detailed schedule of the charges from your bank.

    As for your query of receiving payments from Western Union, Google has stated that the service is currently available in select countries. You may need to get in touch with Google to get more information on the same. Google has been planning to extend the services to more countries soon.

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  • No. Google doesn't pay by western union payment in India but does it through EFT (Wire Transfer) and a cheque (old system). That's it. Western Union payment was just for selected countries and India too was about to come in that list but Google decided otherwise which is even effective for various verification etc.

    If you would like to know what are those countries that got the advantages of quick western union cash then find the URL

    AdSense has not discontinued yet on sending cheque for some of its publishers per their choice. The new AdSense member from India would get their payment via EFT process only.


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