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    Have you heard about the huge earning of the website If you want to have an authentic information on this, ask our experts.

    I have read on the internet that the website is making thousands of dollar online per month. Though it is based on unique concept, I find it hard to believe the earnings. Is the website really earning that much ? Any credible source confirming this information or anyone has a similar website?
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  • The domain name you listed on the question is not showing any content. It is just a landing page which shows the address to the owner.

    However if you're referring to the blogger named Donna simpson, who made money by gaining weight, then yes those claims are partially true. There are some of the brands and TV channels who showcased her. And she mostly made the money by appearing on Youtube and TV interview. It seems the content shared by her is also going viral.

    However the earning claimed by her are slightly exaggerated. And she made those claims to retain her viral power. So definitely such claims need to be taken with some pinch of salt. There is no credible source to verify the claims of such earnings.
    She recently closed two of her official websites and moved to another domain. So the domain names given by you are not correct.

  • I don't think, when I visited the site the was not live and redirected to some unusual page.

  • I tried it myself and found myself on a strange landing page. There seems to be some confusion about it. The story could be about a heavy weight woman by the name Donna Simpson.
    Actually she launched a website in 2007 and rose to fame. The website mainly focussed on her eating habits. The website gained popularity with the stories and other content related to the food she was "gulping down". In 2010, she made another attempt at gaining a weight of 1000 pounds by eating around 12000 calories worth of food. In fact, her fans paid her to watch her eat! And that is how she earned ( or said to have earned) the amount reported. There could as well be exaggerations.
    In addition, she produces YouTube videos of herself. Huge numbers of subscribers pay her to watch her gaining weight.
    She gave a lot of interviews and participated in multiple TV shows that made her earn by virtue of her weight. The website has now been taken down and we currently do not seem to have any website by that name.

    Live....and Let Live!

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