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  • What are targeted ads in Google Adsense ?

    Have you heard about targeted ads in Google Adsense ? Get to know more about it from our technical experts.

    I have read in a forum that Google Adsense pays more for their targeted ads. Moreover there is an increased possibility of visitors clicking the ads. How can I get targeted ads on my blog and how are they different from normal ad blocks shown by Adsense? Do they have any special traffic requirements for this?
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  • Google offers multiple types of targeting within the ads for both publishers and the advertisers. Some of these targeting options are - Language, Interest-based, Placement and contextual.

    Language targeting means people from specific nations are served the ads within the native language. Interest based ads are given based on the search history of the user who is logged into the google services. In case of placement based, the ads make use of the prime areas of the website and show the effective content. In contextual ads, you see the ads based on your website content, keywords and the theme. Google adsense doesn't allow complete control over all of these to publishers.

    For publisher side you can make use of "Section Targeting". When you want to make use of keywords and the content within your website for targeting. In such case you can use the section targeting. All you have to do is add the section targeting comment in the content region.

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    Another type of targeting that publishers can control is "Interest based". In order to enable or disable this type of targeting, go to Allow & Block ads section on your dashboard. On this page you'll find the settings for Interest-based Ads Preferences. Here you can enable or disable this section. Most of the websites benefit from the interest based ads. However there are some niche that get affected with the revenue if wrong type of ads are served. So make sure to disable the interest based targeting if your site has low revenue.

    Note: You can also make more focused targeting simply by blocking the competitive and irrelevant ads for your website. Though this is more of revenue optimization technique than targeting. Still it benefits if you block such ads.

  • Targeted ads are a specific type of advertising strategy wherein the ads are served based on the interests of the audience. Unlike the generalised ads, the targeted ads serve the ads specifically for a particular genre.

    The targets are selected based on various traits. These include language, interests and online behaviour. The online behaviour of the person concerned is logged and based on his/her previous searches, the relevant ads are served on your page.

    The targeted ads have been in practice since long. Which is evident from the ads about trips to some hill station on page with a news on Darjeeling. But, as the year 2000 came, the technology grew for better and websites started collecting data and browsing habits. The ads were served based on these habits. The site sends cookies to your computer which tracks your movements through the pages to understand your interests and accordingly places the relevant ads on your site. These cookies can be from the site itself or from third party domains.
    Even your social network profile gives away much of the information about your interests, demography and age. These traits are collected using cookies to show the targeted ads.

    For getting more information on how to get proper targeted ads on your blog refer to this article on how to get targeted ads on your blog.

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  • Targeted Google AdSense Ads are nothing but advertising through the various types of stat ad to get the right customers from online sources. As said, targeted advertising is a type of advertising that are placed on a particular niche blog so as to reach consumers based on various target statistics.

    You can check this Google official link for Targeted Google Ads.


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