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  • Alternative to Micromax modem for BSNL 3G

    Are you looking for an alternative to the Micromax modem for BSNL 3G? Ask our technical experts for the best advice.

    I am using a Micromax modem for accessing BSNL 3G. Problem with this modem is that it is very delicate and is already got bent with a few months of use. Which is the best alternative to this modem capable of running BSNL 3G? Also it should not be much costly as compared to other modems available.
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  • Here are the top five modems supporting 3G network and have the same or higher capability than the Micromax modem which you want to change.

    1. Huawei E5776:
    Huawei E5776 currently has become one of the most promising 3G and 4G Wi-Fi hotspot. It has support for most of the 3G and 4G mobile networks offering the maximum speed of 43.2 Mbps speed on 3G network and 150 Mbps on 4G LTE network.

    2. Beetel 3G Max:
    BeetelWi -Fi 3G modem has comes with the same specs, data speed and running time as that of Micromax 400R. But it has the capability to handle a 32GB MicroSD card offering faster upload speed of 5.76 Mbps in comparison to the Micromax MMX 400R modem.

    3. Lava Mi-Fi Router W150:
    Lava mobile Wi-Fi 3G router is able to connect to 3G as well as CDMA data cards. It provides an option to convert a Wired connection to Wi-Fi. All you need to do is to connect the RJ45 cable which will automatically start acting as a Wi-Fi Router.

    4. TP-Link TL-MR3020 Portable 3G Wi-Fi Router:
    This W-Fi 3G data card is compatible with 3G/CDMA and RJ45 connectivity. It does not come with any SIM card slot. So one have to plug into it an external 3G/EVDO modem to activate the internet service. The size of this modem is just like a Credit card but the device is renowned for reliability and highly functional.

    5. Huawei E355 Wi-Fi data Modem:
    The Huawei E355 Wi-Fi 3G modem has its support up to 21.6 Mbps download speed and a 5.7 Mbps upload speed. It is equipped it with a Type3i data technology to enhance its data speed. It has got options to connect it with multiple devices like Smartphones, tablets, Smart TV, gaming console, music pods and so on. It's MicroSD card slot supports 32GB memory cards.

  • A few good options could be

    1. Huawei E5372s-22
    The modem is quite inexpensive compared to Huawei E5776. It works out at 150Mbps on 4G and 42.2 Mbps on 3G. Battery life is a slight issue as it seen to lose battery life fairly quickly. It also comes with microSD card slot. You can use it on 11 devices at a time.

    2. Alcatel Y 280

    It is a 3G modem. You can get speeds upto 7.2 Mbps on this device. You may buy it for around Rs. 4000.

    3. Huawei E5331 MiFi
    The latest offer from Huawei offers a download speed of upto 21 Mbps. You can get upto 5 hours of continuous battery life. The modem offers support for simultaneous use with upto 8 devices. You get a 1500 mAh battery on it.

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