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  • BSNL broadband online complaint booking facility

    If you are looking for the correct information on the BSNL broadband online complaint booking facility, here are the answers from our experts.

    Is the BSNL online complaint booking facility of any help ? Visiting the BSNL office for getting a new connection or usage problem is simple waste of time. Has anyone used the
    All India BSNL online complaint link?
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  • Well, I have used the online complaint portal at the link on various occasions. Most of the time the complaint has been resolved successfully.

    But, ultimately the complaints are routed to your local customer service centre itself. Which would mean you need to have in the good books of the concerned officials. But, in my case the experience has been quite satisfactory.

    However, please note that the portal expects you to have complained to the concerned service centre first. If the case has been unresolved for a longer enough time, you can file the complaint on the abovesaid portal.

    You may also consider registering your complaints on the link This is the official link for Telecom Consumer Complaints Monitoring System.

    Live....and Let Live!

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