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  • Is there any way to increase the speed of BSNL EVDO or return it?

    Are you dissatisfied with the BSNL EVDO data card and looking for a way to increase the speed of or return it? Ask our experts for their best advice.

    BSNL EVDO was quite useful for me earlier as it had no limit on download. But its speed has reduced considerably. Is there any hack to increase its speed? Also is it possible to return the EVDO data card. I checked the BSNL website but there is no information regarding returning the BSNL EVDO.
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  • BSNL EVDO is based on CDMA that makes use of 2000 1X technology. And this technology has lower spectrum these days. So it's natural that the new changes in CDMA have resulted in less bandwidth speed for the current EVDO users. So from here onwards you can expect the lower bandwidth speed being supported by the data card.

    Be it Reliance that makes use of same technology or BSNL, you can find EVDO performance reducing over a period of time. You can however move into region where the coverage for EVDO is better. However that is not the practical solution.

    I personally think you should switch to new CDMA options or 3G/4G SIM in other networks. You may currently find that the data is expensive for monthly plans compared to EVDO but you get reasonable speed.

    There is no information about returning the card and you have to ask these questions in their office. It is not possible to return the EVDO card if the 1 year period for return is completed. After 1 year as per BSNL, the device becomes yours and you don't need to return it to close the service. You just have to notify the BSNL for closing connection and they'll turn off your SIM service for that card.

  • Well, being an outdated technology, you may not be able to get a better speed than that prevailing as of now from BSNL EVDO. If you want better speeds, you definitely need to look for the better alternatives.

    The actual alternative will depend on your location and the coverage in your area. You may opt for any good 3G/4G connection that can provide a faster speed.

    BSNL EVDO excels in its economical plans. You get a truly unlimited plan with them.

    As for your query on returning the EVDO, you may need to contact your local office of BSNL. There are no specific instructions available on their website. But, like most of the services, it must have a standard procedure. You may contact the local BSNL customer care centre.

    Live....and Let Live!

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