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  • Alternative to BSNL Broadband in Lucknow

    Are you looking for an alternative to BSNL broadband in Lucknow? Ask our experts for the best advice.

    I had applied for a BSNL broadband connection few months back. Whenever I inquired about the connection, they gave excuses like there is no cable or some other issues. I applied in Ravi Khand area from the Chander Nagar, Alambagh BSNL exchange. Where can I complain against the officials and is there any other alternative to BSNL broadband in Lucknow?
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  • A lot of complaints are been raised about the current BSNL broadband service. After an extensive search, I found a few alternatives that might work better for you.

    1. Try out the local broadband that the cable operators are offering. In most cases that comes out to be faster and cheaper than the branded ones.

    2. we had the same problem with BSNL and we shifted to Airtel which works fine. But at times they might make a fuss if they don't have a tower in your locality.

    3. Next comes Reliance, which is heard to be working quite good in Lucknow.

    4. There is one Tikona Digital Networks broadband, but that too work on selected areas, check out whether it is available in your locality.

    5. There is also a Sikka Broadband service which is quite popular in Lucknow.

    Hope you would find one of them working better for you.

  • A broadband plan works well or no based on the local conditions. There are instances where a particular connection may work great in one part of the city and may be worst in another part. It is also dependent on the number of users in that particular area.

    As such, I would advice you to check with the local service providers in your area. It has been observed the local broadband service works way better than the one provided by the telecom conglomerates.

    However, it has been reported in several forums that Reliance offers really good performance in Lucknow. You may contact them and if possible, take a trial pack and check if it works for you. But please note that Reliance is notorious for the worst ever customer care.

    By any consideration, the local broadband would be the best option for you.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • There are many such issues with the BSNL broadband service. To answer your first query where to lodge your complaint against the officials.

    Check this number for making calls related to consumer complaints (broadband and internet related queries). 1800-345-1504.

    If you wish to file complaint in written form then use their help desk. Here's the URL:

    And coming to the second query, Here are some of the alternatives that you can find in lucknow.

    1. Airtel Broadband
    2. Sikka Broadband
    3. Reliance Broadband
    4. Sky broadband

    There are few other broadband services but it seems there are not many online reviews for the same. So discussing with a local person might help on your available options.

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