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    Need a Price Comparison Script

    Need a Price comparison script that automatically compares prices? Check out this Ask Experts thread to gain more information from our experts.

    I was going through websites like,, and

    These are all the websites where you can Find Best Deals and Offers.

    My question is that, is it possible to integrate an Automatic Price Comparison Script for these sites ?
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  • In order to have price comparison script, you need a feed. The feed is basically an XML file that has the comparison content. So all you have to do is get an access to this script.

    Method 1 : Most of the above mentioned sites make use of the feeds from affiliate websites. So you have to get the source of those feeds and use them instead of scraping the websites. This way you can get accurate and quicker prices and you can also benefit from the affiliate sales.

    Method 2 : You have to scrape the content from other price comparison site. You need to make a script in say python or even in Google script (i.e. JavaScript designed for Google apps). Such scripts can help you scrape the web and save the content inside spreadsheet. Then use the content from there on your own website.

    Depending on the method that you choose, the choice of implementation of price comparison script will differ. You can also buy ready to use scripts and use it on website. Do note that such script may not adopt to the shopping websites feed changes or scraping patterns. So it is better to hire a developer and make him design the script.

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