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  • How to file a complaint on mobile networking operators?

    Are you troubled with the mobile networking operators? And want to lodge a complaint against them? Ask our experts for the best possible solutions to this issue.

    Members, hope you also might have experienced issues with mobile network operators like Airtel, Vodafone, etc. Recently, they have deducted Rs.99 from my main balance in my Vodafone number saying I have subscribed to some Fashion Portal service.

    As soon as I received the confirmation message, I called the customer care and complained about this deduction. Then they told they would cancel the service and refund the money. But they told me to be careful next time.

    Having no knowledge on how this happened, I asked them for info and they told that through browsing I have clicked on some paid service ads. Though I don't even remember seeing any ad or clicking any ad from any browser.

    They are telling that they have no info on that. Now my question remains even if we click on some ads while browsing unknowingly, shouldn't they send an sms asking for confirmation whether I would like to subscribe to the service or not?

    Not only through browsing, sometimes, while dialing some USSD code it will directly subscribe to some services without any prior notice. If I complain about such things to the customer care, they say that it was from my end that I have subscribed and they can't cancel or refund my money.

    Is there a way to complain on these clever tricks and refund our money?
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  • Under standard conditions, you are expected to file a complaint with the customer care service of the concerned telecom operator. The service provider has a stipulated time frame for the resolution of your complaint. Usually, this time frame ranges upto a week from the date of your complaint.

    If your concern is not addressed within the stipulated time provided to you, you will need to escalate the issue to the Nodal officer in charge of your local area. The list of nodal officers is available on the respective telecom providers' website. Prominent display of the Nodal Officers list is mandatory as per the TRAI guidelines.

    In the unfortunate event of your concern still lying unresolved with the Nodal Officer, you are entitled to escalate it to the Apellate authority.

    TRAI has also taken initiatives to handle customer complaints and concerns. Visit Telecom Consumer Complaints Monitoring System. You can find the information on how to place your complaints. The link to visit the site is

    Please note that the site is developed for the sake of facilitating the customers in getting their issues resolved. The responsibility of resolving the issues rests with the concerned service provider.

    Live....and Let Live!

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