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  • What are the best free video editing software?

    Are you looking for the currently available best free video editing software? Ask our experts for their opinions.

    I want to add some texts and messages in the video I have captured in my mobile phone (Moto G first generation). I want to know how to do this task to edit the video and insert the text on appropriate frame? Please provide the url or link of the free editing software. Which one is advisable to use out of those which are available as the best free video editing software?
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  • Here are the top six video editing apps which are best for any Android Platform based phone.

    1. Lapse It
    Lapse It is ideally made for Androids and is definitely a good app for capturing videos, and convert them into extraordinary video clips. It is a full-featured app that can capture a series of amazing clips with time lapses simply by using Android cameras.
    to make it work you have to select the time in the calculations in seconds between the images, select the color effect, press the capture button and start your shot.

    2. Snip Video Trimmer
    Snip Video Trimmer is an app that is good for creating videos and editing them on the go. With its help you can shorten the clips and can see the information directly in the app itself. Uploading and sharing short videos on the net are easy with Snip Video Trimmer.

    3.Vid Trim Pro
    Vid Trim Pro is an app for simple cropping of videos and for sharing them directly in the app. There is also a paid version of VidTrim that can remove the ads and it allows to save individual frames as images.

    4. AndroMedia HD
    AndroMedia is a video-editing program that has accumulated all the features of a traditional desktop video editor for Android. It can add effects as well as transitions, overlay the title clips and even captions, with the ability to fade in and fade out the videos. It has support for JPG, PNG, MP3, MP4, MOV and WAV file formats while the finished videos can be easily exported in high-definition standard and uploaded to YouTube directly from the app.

    5. Magisto
    Magisto is a video editing app that is quite intelligent which can stitch the clips together, add up transitions, and can spice up things if you wish to add an audio track.

    6. Ultimate Special FX
    You can convert your ordinary clips into a breathtaking movie with the Ultimate Special FX application that is developed by the TechCat Mobile. With this app you can have different visual effects to apply to your videos.

  • Well, you have a choice of some good video editing softwares that allow you to add text to your videos. Here we go with a select list. Since the above response already contains enough information on the tools available for Android platform, I will concentrate on the PC software for the purpose. Here we go with the select list -

    1. Windows Live Movie Maker
    This is the best option for those having little knowledge of video editing. You can add title and credits to the video by following some simple and easy to use steps. The software lets you choose your favourite font, color and formatting to the text you add to the video being edited.
    You can get it from

    2. AVS Video Editor
    AVS Video Editor lets you add different transitions and effects to your videos. The text tool in the software to add the text to your video by specifying the duration of the text in the video. You can choose fonts. colors and animations of your choice for your text.
    Download it from

    3. Subtitle Edit
    If you want to the text or sub-title alone , Subtitle Edit is your best option. The software lets you add sub-titles to your video. It could be a great tool for How To videos. The software has tools to adjust the duration of the sub-titles and add translations to your sub-titles.
    You may download the open source software from

    4. VideoPad Video Editor Free
    This is one of the popular video editing software that finds universal usage. It can be treated as a professional video editing software. You can add additional audio and text to the video with VideoPad. It also lets you add images to the video being edited.
    Get it from the link

    5. Youtube Movie Maker
    Youtube Movie Maker lets you add text to your videos apart from being one of the best video editing tools. The tool is best suited for those who upload their videos to YouTube. It has a best in class tool for adding text. You can adjust various parameters of your text that you want to add to your video. You can get your favourite fonts and effects for the text being added.
    The software can be downloaded from

    6. Pinnacle VideoSpin
    The software has simple user interface which helps you get the effect you want for your text. The software consists of various tools for adding text to your videos. The options include modifying fonts. colors and animations.
    It can be downloaded from the link

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Most of the video editing apps have specific requirement for the hardware. So you can't use the video editors on the hardware with limited RAM and the video display RAM. Depending on those limits the choice of app that you can run on Windows (or on any operating system will vary).

    1. Sony Vegas Video : This app from Sony is one of the popular for professional video editing. It can be used to add some of the complexity into the videos. You can also use in built audio editor to add some audio effects too. The app is expensive. And you are forced to buy plugins for mp4 and mp3 exports. So overall the cost gets higher. I have used this app for YouTube. The resolution of the exported videos and the video quality is retained.

    You have to take the video from phone to desktop to use this app. I recommend this app because of the video export quality.

    Platform : Windows/Mac

    2. Techsmith Fuse This editor app is designed for the mobile devices think of it as an extension to the desktop recording app. The software allows you to export the video in number of file types. The HD MP4 and the DVD exports are the common exports of the app. The editor also has an option to add text effects. You can also include noise removal and few other effects. It has video zooming option that makes it very easy for you to zoom into the content.

    Platform : Android

    3. Video Maker Pro Free : The app is very extensive in the range of features it is offering. It has some of the most important editing features like split, merge and zoom. Most of the features are available on the free version of the app. However the paid version seems to get rid of ads and adds few more premium options. The interface of the app is very simple and you can easily learn the app within few minutes.

    Platform : Android

    4. KineMaster Pro : The app is more focused towards the video editing professionals who like to have more control. It has an option to merge and split the frames. Most of the video effects with free version are limited. You do get the frames and transition effects too. If you're not paying for the advanced version then ad supported version is good enough for casual usage. Only issue with the app is currently it has device specific support within the android platform. So if you have a tablet then perhaps you can use this app for the video editing requirements.

    Platform : Android

    5. WeVideo : The app offers professional video editing features. It has both free and paid version. In case of paid version you get to remove the watermark at cost 4$ per month. Free app with exported video has watermark. The app is very easy to use and the functionality allows you to export video in different formats. If you compare the features with other premium app then you may find that features are limited. However the app is good enough for the users who are not tech savvy.

    Platform : Android

    6. Lightworks : This editor is free of cost but the type of features that are in offer you may find it most competitive free video editor. It has support for wide range of file formats. And you can find that the app also has option for various video effects. You can add audio effects into the videos too. The user interface is a bit cluttered and takes time to get used to. I'd suggest to use this one when you can't afford any other expensive video editor in the market.

    Platform : Cross Platform

    7. Wax The editor is more suitable for the people who are not into video editing. So you have not much of a learning curve here. And you can design small videos very easily. It has most of the common features for the video editing. If you want to do the video editing in more professional way then you may find some issues with limited features. In such case use other video editors. The app is released free of cost and you can easily get started with the editing.

    Platform : Windows

    Note: There are many paid apps out there which are focused on professional video editing. If you are ready to spend some money then you can easily get the premium features and output from the app. I suggest start with the free apps for now and depending on how much professional output you want, you can buy premium version.

  • Below are free open source video editors for your needs and adding effects and animations to the text

    Pitivi Open source video editor

    Lightworks Open source video editor

    KDEnliv Open source video editor

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