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  • About filing DMCA for a copied article

    Are you looking for the rules of filing DMCA for copied article in your website? Ask for the best guidance from our technical experts.

    I am owing a site named "mechaicalduniya" and have some articles with great reputation. I have found that some articles in other websites are directly copied from my website by other bloggers without taking any consent from my side.

    The problem is, I normally update the date of good articles to their latest date of publishing, so that they remain prominent on the first page or my home page.

    Now, in case, I file a DMCA complaint for those articles which are originally old but has been recently updated with latest dates and some one copies it, and while date checking my articles are found with more recent dates than of those who have copied them, would I be held responsible? Will Google take any action against me?
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  • You can solve this issue if your website is crawled by the websites such as Wayback machine. The internet archive of the wayback machine website has feature that shows the older edits of your website. So for example, the page from 2006 is crawled by internet archive then it can be shown as a proof of the page originally created by you.

    Check the website here :

    You can check the calendar with year where you can see the website being crawled.

    When you're making DMCA complaint to the Google, then you have to specify this scenario. Also give them proof - in terms of images or links from Internet archive page. By taking the proof with this method you are making your case stronger. If you don't have the proof such as this then you're going to have trouble explaining your case.

    If you don't have the proof for your articles being original in such case don't file the DMCA. Wait till someone else does against your website. If they do then just take down the articles due to lack of proof from your side.

    Google only hurts websites in terms of SEO and Adsense if the content is copied. Most of the time copied content is not penalized because most news and other blog websites make use of RSS feeds for new content display. So each scenario is treated on case by case basis.

  • Filing DMCA should be careful, Google knows who had done original work and who had copied first though the date can be of a different one for copied.

    For more detail on filing DMCA and its guideline, go through the following articles and follow them to proceed accordingly.



    In the comment box, you have to inform them that your's is a back dated one and the copied one shows even earlier date etc.


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