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  • How to become a Java developer?

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    Dear members, I see job requirements for Java with spring, struts,etc. I have learnt theatrical Java in my college syllabus. That time we didn't study these frameworks in our syllabus.

    Now I feel like Java has grown like an ocean. I don't know how to approach Java. I know oops concepts. I am in support projects in unix for last two years. No Java code experience. I just know what is abstraction, garbage collection, exception handling etc like stuffs about Java.

    Now if I want to go for a Java interview, they ask like Java with struts, springs, hibernate etc. I don't what are all these about?

    What is the hierarchy or overview of all these things? Could you explain it like how this Java tree with its branches?
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  • If you have learned core java then you are pretty much a java developer. And from here onwards you have to be very specific with the learning.

    The questions were asked based on those frameworks because it seems the company works with such frameworks on client projects. And asking those questions and expecting a prepared candidate, they can make sure that they are getting better hire.

    Hierarchy is something like this.

    Core Java -- Web Development Stack - - Enterprise development stack.

    1. Core Java developer : A person who knows how to use core libraries and classes. Count this as a first level of java development. This includes knowledge of using Maven, TestNG, Ant, Apache libraries.

    2. Java web developer : A person who knows how to JSP and Servlets to design website and application. Think of this as a second level of java development. Here you learn how to use tomcat, apache server and also the basic scripting. JSP is the scripting language to design webpage. And servlets are extended version of the web apps.

    3. Java enterprise developer: Think of this level as learning how to be using enterprise frameworks. The frameworks such as - spring, hibernate, struts etc. The JEE frameworks such as beans and others are included here too. So the multinational companies makes use of such frameworks. Most of the interviewers need developers who know this.

    If you are not sure of these frameworks then you have to take some coaching. And you have to learn those frameworks. You can also work with startup or do internship. This way you can easily gain some experience. Make sure you get some practical experience as an intern or get some demo project. This way you can answer the questions related to the frameworks.

    I suggest you take the information about the interviews and questions in the interviews from most of the popular sites. And this way you can prepare yourself for the next interview.

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