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  • How to disable ads on the Windows 10 lock screen

    Do you want to eliminate the ads on the Windows 10 lock screen? Ask for a step by step guidance from our technical experts.

    My friend is using laptop with Windows 10 Operating system and he is facing little issue from this OS. However, one of the question he raises is, how to disable ad display on the Windows 10 lock screen? What are the steps to be taken care for it? Kindly guide on this subject.
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  • These are called Spotlight ads. To turn off these, follow the below steps.

    1. Go to Start menu and click Settings.

    2. Now click, Personalization and then Lock screen.

    3. There under the Preview image, you can see a drop-down for Background.

    4. Currently, the choice will be Windows Spotlight. Choose either pictures or slideshow.

    5. Don't forget to turn off the "Get fun facts, trips, tricks..." button under the drop down.

    Otherwise, this will turn on the spotlights again.

  • It is usually the tips, tricks and fun facts that were shown on the Windows 10 lockscreen, But, of late Microsoft has been coming up with advertisements which can be really annoying.

    Fortunately enough, though the ads are enabled by default, you can disable it by following the below mentioned steps -

    1. Go into Settings.

    2. Click on Personalisation.

    3. Now go to Lock Screen option.

    4. Navigate to Windows Spotlight.

    5. Click on the box.

    6. Choose either Picture or Slideshow.

    7. Now uncheck the box that reads Get fun facts, tips and tricks.

    That's it. You have successfully removed the lock screen ads.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • These Ads are tweaked based on the personalization algorithm of Windows 10. If you don't have Windows Store in your country or if you don't want to subscribe to these ads then you can disable them.

    Follow the steps to disable these ads in you Windows 10 desktop.

    1. Click on Start menu orb button.
    2. Click on "Settings" link or menu item.
    3. Then go to the personalization button.
    4. Go to Lock screen.
    5. On the option for the background- choose either picture or slideshow.
    6. Below the options there is an option to disable "Get fun, facts and tips tricks on lock screen".
    7. You have to disable this button too.

    This should disable your ads on the lock screen. Do note that there are many freeware small apps that can do this with single click. You should avoid such apps as some of them can be risky in terms of security.

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