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  • How to transfer blogspot blog to wordpress

    Do you own a blog on Blogger platform? Read this thread to know how to transfer your Blogger blog to Wordpress without loosing rankings or traffic.

    I have a blog which is in blogspot and I would like to transfer it to wordpress free blog. How to transfer blogspot blog to wordpress platform? What are the steps to be taken care while transferring it from blogspot or wordpress? Will it affect the current blog traffic? Kindly enlighten on this.
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  • There are multiple steps involved in migration of blog from blogger to WordPress.

    Export Blogger Content

    1. Login to blogger and navigate to the settings page.
    2. Click on export blog link.
    3. Download the XML file that downloads the content from the blogger.
    4. Save the XML file on your hard disk.

    Import Blogger to WordPress

    Now you need to import the content from blogger to WordPress blog. In order to do that login to your new installation of WordPress. I am assuming that you have WordPress installed on your domain or subdomain.

    1. Login to dashboard.
    2. Go to Tools page.
    3. Click on blogger import link.
    4. Install blogger import plugin.
    5. Go to blogger import page after installation of plugin.
    6. Import the XML file into the page and upload the content.

    SEO Modification
    You can keep the default permalinks of blogger or change them. You can make this change and this will reflect in your traffic. So you have to install 404 missing plugin which properly adjusts the new URLs on the page. This will affect the traffic for few weeks but Google will get you back on track.

    You can redirect the feed and the post from blogger blog to a new blog.

    Note: Make sure you pay attention to permalinks. Also do resubmit your sitemap.xml after migration. Also do add google Analytics, webmaster tools meta content back into your blog template on WordPress.

    Do note that this change will make your site suffer from traffic. In some cases you may even have to start from scratch in case of lost traffic. However Google indexing new pages will fix this for you.

  • Before you begin migrating your blogspot blog to WordPress, plan and get a good domain name. Once you are ready with your domain name follw these steps.

    1. Export your Blog
    1. Login to your Blogger account. Under Settings, click on Other.

    2. Under Blog Tools, click on Export Blog.

    3. You will be presented with a pop up that will ask you to download blog. Click on Download Blog.

    4. Contents of your blog will be downloaded in the form of an XML file.

    5. Save the file in an appropriate location.

    2. Import the blog to WordPress
    1. Go to your WordPress admin page,

    2. Choose Tools and Import on the sidebar.

    3. Now select Blogger. It will bring up a pop up asking you to install Blogger Importer tool.

    4. Let WordPress download and install the Blogger Importer tool.

    5. Once the tool is installed, click on Activate Plugin and Rum Importer.

    6. The Import Blogger screen will ask you to upload the XML file you downloaded in step 1.

    7. Select the file from the location you saved it to and click on Upload and Import button.

    8. WordPress now imports your blogger posts one by one. Once finished, you may be asked to assign author account. You can create a new author account or assign the current author.

    Done! You have successfully migrated to WordPress.

    Now, if you do not want to lose your earlier traffic that you had to Blogger, you may need to set the permalinks as close as possible to what you had in Blogger.

    Do remember that you will lose traffic when you move your blog to other platform. Redirection will help you to get your regular readers to get redirected to your new site. Blogger lets you point your blog to the new address which lets your readers get pointed to your new site. Share the change on your social profiles.

    Live....and Let Live!

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