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  • Can Lenovo Vibe S1 use PC's internet via USB cable (without using Wifi)?

    If you want to know whether Lenovo Vibe S1 can use PC's internet via USB cable without using Wifi? Ask our technical experts for the best advice.

    I have used other android smartphones before, where I used to share Desktop PC's internet for using internet connectivity on mobile devices via USB. Typically the steps were Settings > Wireless & networks > USB Internet (sharing Windows PC internet via USB cable), which was easy.

    But in Vibe S1, it has Vibe UI. Activating developer options, I tried to Switch to Android UI. But there was no such option for Vibe S1 under developer options. It would be great if anyone can find out if switching to Android UI is really possible.

    Under settings I also searched through other probable options but couldn't succeed.
    Currently I am using PC's internet on Vibe S1 via Wifi connectivity only.
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  • What you are trying to do is called Reverse Tethering. For achieving the reverse tethering you will need to have a reverse tethering tool compatible with your device. Follow the below mentioned steps to connect your smartphone to your PC and get the PC internet on your device via USB cable -

    1. Proper drivers for your device.

    2. Reverse tethering tool.

    The XDA developers have a good Android Reverse Tethering Tool. You can download it from the link .

    Here are the steps you need to follow. Please note that this tutorial assumes that your device has root access. If you are not rooted, you won;t be able to use this method.

    1. Connect your device to the PC using USB cable.

    2. Turn the USB Debugging ON. On most of the devices, the path for doing so is Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging > Turn On.

    3. Download and install the Reverse Tethering Tool indicated above.

    4. Launch the tool downloaded above. Choose your device from the Select a device drop down list.

    5. Choose the DNS from the drop down list DNS to use. Please do not use You can select any other DNS. The tool may select an appropriate DNS on its own.

    6. Now click on Connect button on the tethering tool.

    7. The tool will install the required apps/files on your phone. Accept if you get any prompt to install any app.

    8. Grant permission to use root permissions.

    9. The tool on your PC should indicate you that it is connected.

    That's it. You can now use your PC internet on your Android.

    Live....and Let Live!

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