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  • How to speed up Motorola Moto G2

    Do you need to speed up the performance of your Motorola Moto G2 phone? Ask our experts how you can go about it.

    I have purchased Moto G2 1 year back. The smart phone was well and good till now, but recently I find the smart phone started troubling me by opening the apps very slowly. I have already installed CM security and Clean master as well. I have less number of apps. Once I use the online shopping apps, my phone gets slow down. I have only Snapdeal and Voonik in online shopping apps. I use Facebook, Whatsapp, Gmail mostly. Other apps like shareit and playing music are used. I have recently copied pictures and music tracks from other smart phones. Do the smart phones gets affected if we copy the content from other smart phones? Do our smart phones gets virus from other smart phones through Shareit app? Please give me a clear solution with steps so that I can get rid of lagging.
    Thanks in advance.
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  • Do the smart phones gets affected if we copy the content from other smart phones?
    Yes, Smartphones use to get infected if files are copied from a infected smartphone or computer.
    Do our smart phones gets virus from other smart phones through Shareit app?
    Yes, Shareit application don't have any scanning mechanism for the files shared through the app. Smartphone may easily get affected by the files shared from infected devices.

    How to speed up your phone?

    1. If you suspect about any virus then you can install some antivirus application. All the major antivirus software like AVG, Avast and Norton has its own mobile application. Such applications will help you to safeguard your mobile phone.

    2. Use less number of applications. Installing more number of application would take considerable amount of memory from your RAM and makes your smartphone slow. Install only necessary applications. For example, I always use Facebook through browser. Facebook application takes a lot of space in RAM and stores unwanted data in your phone.

    3. Move some of the applications to your external memory card. It will help you to clear certain memory from RAM and in turns speed up your device.

    4. Clear cache memory of your smartphone. All the applications will store certain information in cache memory which not going to be useful. Clearing cache memory will free up a lot of space and improve the performance of your smartphone.

  • Any smartphone is bound to use up resources and end up being slow in performance. The internal memory filling up to the brink is a biggest issue that causes your phone go slow. Follow these steps to get it back to normal working condition.

    1. Update phone software
    As far as my knowledge goes, Moto G2 has received an update to Lollypop. If your phone still runs on Kitkat, update it to the latest available version. Updates often consist of performance improvement patches.

    2. Clear up cache
    Almost all the apps leave behind cache memory for easy access to the content it provides you. Make it a habit to clear cache at regular intervals. Clear cache for entire device and browser. You can also clear cache on individual apps by going into the settings of each app. Clearing cache often solves the issues.

    3. Free up internal storage
    If your phone's internal memory is filled up to the brim, your processor will suffer and could find it hard to run the processes. Check if the internal memory is free. If not, move some of the files/apps to your external memory card. Keep at least one GB of your internal memory is free.

    4. Remove task killers
    Task killers were believed to effective in making your phone faster. But, recent studies have proved them wrong. Even if you kill an app using task killer, it is bound to restart again within a couple of minutes. Instead use Greenify. The app is available on Play Store. It hibernates your apps instead of killing them. Task killers actually have a reverse effect on the performance.

    5. Reboot your phone regularly
    Rebooting your phone frequently will clear most of the dumped files. Make it a habit to reboot at least once every alternate day.

    6. Disable the apps you do not use
    Certain system apps tend to use up more RAM, but most of us are not using it. You cannot delete them unless you are rooted. However, you can disable them. As they are disabled, they won't consume any RAM.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Virus, worms and security hacks are specific to the operating system and not the device. So the hack or virus written for the iOS may not affect the android and the hack for android does not work on iOS. In order for it to work cross platform then the virus or security issue has to be on app level or file format level.

    Here are some of the answers to your questions.

    1. Do the smart phones gets affected from other smart phones?

    When you are transferring the data from SD card to computer and using two devices. Then the security infection in one device carries over through the SD card or PC connectivity to the another phone. The viruses from the Windows operating system or the Mac operating system don't get infection to the SD card for the android or IOS to affect. However android virus can stay resident on the SD card and then if another device is used for the data transfer then it'll be possible for the infection to transfer.

    2. Do our smart phones gets virus from Shareit app?

    File transfer apps, messengers, torrent are easy way for the virus and the security issues to leak through the device. And this is known issue with such apps. So the android and iOS devices have the permission control enabled which stops you from running unknown file formats on the phone. So you should pay attention to this.

    Here are some of the ways you can speed up the phone.

    1. Clean the phone with cleaner apps for temp files.
    2. Uninstall unwanted apps.
    3. Reduce the graphics effects.
    4. Clean the system with the antivirus or scan it online.
    5. Use low resource UI mod for the phone. Such as SimpleROM or MinimalROM.
    6. Remove or disable apps from running in the background.
    7. Reduce the notifications of the apps and enable only the limited notifications.
    8. Disable auto update of the apps in Google play store.
    9. Disable android update from automatically downloading the update.
    10. Use RAM cleaner to free up the RAM on regular basis.

    These are some of the things you can do to speed up the device.

  • To speed up your Motorola Moto G2 phone, you need to turn off the screen animations which is taking away quite a good amount of memory and slowing down your device.

    To do this Go to the Menu , select Settings and from there the Developer options.

    Once you are there, scroll down to the Windows animation scale and you need to select it. Within this you will get an option to choose "Turn Animations Off". Selecting this option it will make the screen to react to any transitions faster than what it is now.

    What is here to Note is, the Developer Options in your phone has not been enabled just by default. In order to enable it, you need to go to the Settings and then enter the About Device tab, where you need to tap on the Build number 7 times consecutively.

    Hope this works.

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