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  • Does Coolpad note 3 lite support OTG?

    Do you know if Coolpad note 3 lite supports OTG? Ask our experts for the right piece of information.

    Coolpad note 3 lite smartphone is trimmed version of Coolpad note 3. Most of it's features and specifications are similar with it's high end companion. Coolpad note 3 lite is the cheapest smartphone which is available with a finger print sensor. It is priced at the range of Rs. 6999 which makes it as a ideal choice for budget phone users. It also supports most of the connectivity options provided by coolpad note 3.

    Does Coolpad note 3 supports OTG? Does it support any special connectivity option?
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  • Yes of course, Coolpad Note 3 Lite has the option for USB OTG connectivity. They have packed a Micro USB Charger and an USB Cable in the bundle. So the connectivity option can be used both \for charging and for connecting to other external devices as well.

    Make sure that you interact with those file formats that your phone has support for. Otherwise you need to convert those files into one of the formats that your phone can support.

  • Being a mid range device, the Coolpad Note 3 does support USB OTG. You can connect your external drives to your smartphone and view the files stored on those drives on your device.
    Make sure though that the file format on the drive is supported by your phone. In cases of incompatibility, you will need to format the drive to the required format. Ensure you have backed up the data before proceeding. Also please note that the OTG cable needs to be purchased as a separate accessory. You will not get it in the sales package.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Coolpad Note 3 Lite does support USB OTG functionality. The supported USB standard for the device is MicroUSB 2.0. So you have to get the connector accordingly. The same connector can be used for the data transfer. And also for the power charging.
    Considering the price it has no modern connectivity options such as NFC and Wireless charging.

  • Coolpad Note 3 Lite does support OTG cable. You will be able to connect your external drives like pen drive to your smartphone using OTG cable. Check out complete details like features, specification and latest price of Coolpad Note 3 Lite on Amazon

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