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  • Does LG G5 support virtual reality?

    Are you keen to know if LG G5 supports virtual reality? Get answers to your query from our technical experts.

    LG G5 is a premium smartphone introduced by LG earlier this year. The smartphone is bundled with so many features for the benefits of the user. It supports lot of connectivity options for the users. It is priced at a range to target high end users.
    Does LG G5 supports virtual reality? what would be the best virtual reality headset for LG G5?
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  • Yes, LG G5 supports Virtual Reality. The phone has included in it a series of Companion devices which include the LG 360 VR, LG 360 Cam, LG Rolling Bot, and LG Smart Controller.

    That ensures that the phone has all its components compatible for Virtual Reality.

  • LG G5 does support VR gear. The quality of the VR support is not at par with the models such as Samsung S7 Edge though. Still you can experience the VR with the headset gear. Here are some of the available options for you for VR gear.

    1. LG 360 VR : This gear allows you to view the content in 360 degrees You can also view the content created by others using this gear on their official site.

    2. LG 360 Cam : If you wish to create your own 360 images then you should take a look at the 360 cam.

    3. LG Smart Controller : This controller is designed for the drones and bot to be controlled for images and videos.

    There are some of the non-branded VR gears designed for LG G5 that can be used. In such case however the VR gear will be more generic rather than phone specific feature.

  • Yes, LG G5 has support for Virtual reality. It comes with an array of supported devices. The companion devices were launched along side the launch of LG G5.
    A few supported devices are
    1. LG 360 VR Headset
    The headset has its own display. You can pair the device with your LG G via USB. It is quite early to predict the functionality of the headset, yet certain reviews have stated that the device has some issues. Hopefully, LG will iron them out soon.

    2. LG 360 CAM
    This is a compact camera that can shoot 360 degree images - hence the name. The VR camera comes with two 13MP cameras. You can record 2K videos on it. The device has its own 4 GB memory that can be further expanded and an individual 1200 mAh battery.

    Live....and Let Live!

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