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  • How to confirm that photo was taken with specific gadget

    Is it possible to know from which gadget a particular image has been clicked, simply from the image itself? Ask our technical experts for the best answers.

    I just wonder and would like to know all about how to know that images or photos were taken with particular device? I will describe in this way, how to figure out with which device was a picture taken from? As there are many images or photos are already uploaded and available online, thus, if we click on them or right click on them to know its device and size detail, how to get it? Kindly let us know about it. I saw few photos and device detail only from Google plus social networking site but device detail is not coming from other online sources.
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  • Most of the modern cameras be it in DSLR or handy cam or smartphone have a system of capturing EXIF data. This data holds the information such as camera model or number, device name or number, lens specific information, resolution, device owner name.

    The EXIF data also includes image specific information such as ISO speed, data and time, shutter value and many other values.

    There are many ways to view this information. Here are some of the possible options.

    1. Photoshop : Adobe's photoshop allows you to view some of the important details about the image using EXIF reader. You can do this by using the following short cut - alt + shift + ctrl + I.

    You can also use File > File info. You get the file information as in EXIF data such as this.

    2. Image Properties : You can also use your operating system image viewer to read this information. Do note that this information will be comparatively low as not all the data is parsed by this image viewer. To access the image properties follow the instructions.

    1. Right click on image file : jpg, png, gif etc.
    2. On the properties tab click on the "Details" tab.

    This image properties tab will show you all the information about the EXIF data. There are limited data because this tab only parses some limited amount of data.

    3. Image Editors The image editors given by the DSLR or the other commercial image editors which allow you to retouch photos can be used to read the exif data. The image editors have different way to show and embed additional information. So you can fill out the missing information too. For example, XNView, Photo studio, Adobe Lightroom etc are the editors that can be used to edit and view such data.

    Do note that information such as latitude and longitude are collected by satellite cameras and drones. This data is only read by the image viewers designed for such images.

  • Well, the details of an image are compiled into the EXIF files associated with your image. The EXIF file contains of the location, device and such other details. Any app, or tool that can extract this data can be used to find information on the device from which the photo was shot.
    A few such options are:

    1. ViewExif iOS app
    The ViewExif can be used to check the information on your images. Please note that this app can also be used to hide or edit those details.

    2. By checking the properties
    If your operating system lets you check the properties of the image, you can find the metadata details of the concerned image. Right clicking on the image and selecting Properties will let you find the details.

    There are many options to check the meta data of an image. But, even as most of the details are available - the device details may not always be available.

    Live....and Let Live!

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