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  • Best deal to purchase VR Glasses online?

    Planning to buy VR Glasses online in India? Check out this thread to know the best deal to purchase VR Glasses online at low prices with high discounts.

    Recently I bought the latest smartphone from Lenovo K4 from Amazon. But I couldn't get the VR Glasses at that point of time. I was getting the VR Glass in only Rs.500 at that time but now I am it cost around Rs. 1500. Please tell me about the best deal.
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  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge also had this pre order offer where the VR Gear was free of cost with pre order. Now the VR starts from 1000 onwards. If you take a look at some of the models on Amazon and Flipkart then you can notice that change.

    Here is one headset for Lenovo K4 Note.

    ANT VR Headset : It costs 1299 Rs and it is compatible with the K4 Note model. It may also will be forward compatible with some of the upcoming models.

    There are some of the headset which are priced above 2000 Rs. So make sure you are investing into right type of the gear. I suggest you to avoid those low cost cardboard type of headset as they are bad for eyes and also doesn't really get you the feel of the VR.

  • You can get any VR Glasses for your Lenovo K4 Note model if that supports Android and can match a big screen. The best deals which I found are the following:

    1. DOMO VR3 nHance Fold 3D Video Headset & Universal Virtual Reality 3D for Smart Phones upto 6.5" Screen - Black
    Price: Rs. 799.00

    2. ANT VR Headset for Lenovo K4 Note

    Both of these you get from amazon.

    There's one more in this price range which works for any Android and iOS smartphone with 5.8 inch screen size. this you get right now in Flipkart.

    1. NEOLINE VR 3D Cinema Headset Video Glasses(Black)
    Price: Rs. 800.

    Hope that works.

  • Here are a few good VR Glasses that are compatible with your Lenovo K4 Note.

    1. ANT VR Headset for Lenovo K4 Note

    The VR glass is available on Amazon India. You will get it in Black color option. The device is just 10.4 cm in thickness and it does weigh 160 grams. The headset is priced at Rs, 1299.

    2. VR3 Foldable DOMO nHance VR for Lenovo

    The headset is compatible with almost any device that has a screen size of upto 6.5 inch. The device is foldable and thus claims to protect your phone. It weighs 70 grams and has a 8.6 cm thickness. The device has many innovative features. At the same time, it is much affordable at just Rs. 639. You can buy it from Amazon India.

    Live....and Let Live!

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