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  • Which is best Sony's Xperia X Performance or LG G5?

    To get a comparative view on Sony's Xperia X or LG G5's Performance, ask our experts to share their views.

    A number of smartphone manufacturers every year unveil their latest and greatest smartphone at MWC (Mobile World Congress). This year at the MWC 2016 , the Sony's Xperia X Performance was competing against LG G5, Samsung's newly launched Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, Xiaomi's Mi 5, and HP's Elite x3.
    Which is best Sony's Xperia X Performance or LG G5?
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  • The devices under question have almost equal performance levels. Let us discuss the devices under the separate heads to arrive at a better understanding of each of them.

    The Sony Xperia X has a 5 inch full HD display. The LG G5 on the other hand has a 5.3. Inch qHD display. The resolution difference is quite evident as LG offering has 2560x1440 while Sony Xperia provides a resolution of 1920x1080. LG boasts of its Quantum HD display. At the same time, Sony has its patented Triluminous technology under its belt. LG G5 has a better pixel density at 554 ppi, while that of Sony Xperia X at just 441 ppi.

    Winner - LG G5

    In ferms of design, the LG G5 hits the chkrd with the consumers. It has been innovative with its approach. The modular design is quite innovative. LG has lined up a few custom modules and the response is yet to be seen. Sony has been using the same OmniBalance design. They have gone for a few little changes like opting for metal back instead of glass approach.

    Winner - LG again takes the lead here. It has tried something new and thats something we need to appreciate.

    LG G5 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 ocfacore processor. Coupled it with, you have a 4 GB RAM. Sony Xperia X too has the same processor under the hood, but comes with a little low RAM at 3GB. In terms of storage, both of them stay together. Both the competing devices come with 32 GB of internal storage. Both of them support memory expansion options using microSD card. LG G5 supports memory expansion up to 200 GB.

    Winner - Well, frankly speaking, the devices seem to tie up here. There isn't much of a difference to set them apart. Sony Xpreia X falls a little short with slightly lower RAM, yet that's not exactly a big deal.

    As expected, Sony Xperia X Performance takes the lead here. You get a whopping 23 MP sensor. Not only megapixels, but it has a great pixel count. Coupled with Sony's best camera module till now, the phone offers the fastest auto focus. Sony has rederred to it as Predictive Hybrid Autofocus. There is a 13 MP front snapper which is again a great advantage ( more so, considering the fact that most of the smartphones have that as the primary camera).
    LG G5 does not have any low standards. The 16 MP rear camera does a good job. It has laser autofocus. LG has used dual sensor technology to improve your imaging experience.

    Winner - Based on the spec sheet, Sony Xperia X Performance is the better among the two. Of course, the actual performance will made clear only after a full fledged reviews, yet Sony is the winner here.

    Battery and other features
    Both LG G5 and Sony Xperia X Performance tie up slightly here. LG G5 has a 2800 mAh battery, while Sony Xperia X is powered by a 2700 mAh one. Given the fact that LG G5 has the Always On feature and a larger screen, the battery backup csn be slightly lower. On the other hand, the lower screen size, low resolution will make Sony to offer better backup.
    Rest of the features remain identical. One major difference though, is the water and dust resistance offered by Sony Xperia X Performance.

    All in all, the devices are new enough and we may need to wait for the uswr feedback and reviews before making a final comment. However, on most counts the competition seems to be even with either of the devices taking the lead in one or the other festure set.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Both the Phones are premium designs and have some of the interesting features. Here are some of the spec comparison in between the phones.

    Camera : Sony has 23MP of camera whereas LG G5 has 16 MP of camera. The resolution wise LG takes the edge. Also the camera pictures have better quality for G5 compared to Sony. The front camera for the LG is 8MP whereas Sony has it for 13MP.

    Display LG G5 has the screen size for about 5.3'' of IPS LCD and Sony X has 5'' TFT capacitive glass. That being said, LG G5 outperforms on the glossy display of Sony X.

    Connectivity : Be it network connectivity or hardware connectivity, you may find that the device has pretty much same specifications. Only difference being LG G5 allows Type C USB connector.

    If we go through most of the features for both of these phones, you can find that LG G5 outperforms on some and Sony Xperia X on camera and display. And for that reason I think LG G5 is a good choice in terms of specifications and cost.

  • If your question is about the performance comparison between certain mobile phones, it is generally not an overall features we should talk about that includes the looks, display, camera and so on. It is basically the speed and interactivity that come into consideration. So here it is only the Processor, the chipset and the RAM which fall into the discussion. And here is how it goes:

    The LG G5 has a SD820 chipset, with 4GB RAM whereas the Sony Xperia X though using the same SD820 processor, it has a lower RAM of 3GB which makes the phone initially stand on the second position than the LG G5 for many.

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