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  • Friends I Want to make affiliate site ?

    Do you want to create an affiliate site? Ask for the best guiding steps from our technical experts.

    I am planning to create affiliate sites like freekamaal, cash karo can anyone tell me that what is process & what should i do for create this type of websites. I want to earn money by affiliate marketing. So i need help Experts please tell me. I want to create afiiliate website like Cash karo if anyone has idea than tell me ?

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  • There are three steps involved in making coupon based or deal based websites.

    1. Setup of script : You have to either design the website from the scratch. Or you can buy some of the paid coupon themes and the scripts. Buying pre-made script can be a good idea when you are starting and not sure about the revenue to make. In case of you having lack of money problem, you have to code your own script that includes front end and backend of such site. There are many tutorial online for making such deal based sites. You may want to check YouTube for some of such tutorials.

    2. Affiliate Accounts: You have to sign up to the affiliate accounts of the companies such as Vcommision, Flipkart, Aamzon, Snapdeal and few others. You may also have to get the deal feeds from such sites. You have plenty of options in such case but you have to choose what works on your website. It is a skill to find the best deal for people. As the conversion rates are very low on deal based sites these days you have to work a bit harder to find the right affiliates.

    3. Traffic : The success of the website such as this is purely dependent on the traffic. If you get the traffic that doesn't click on anything, you waste your time and money. If the traffic is high but no conversion again you don't earn anything. You have to find the traffic that converts. You have to spend the time to get the right type of the traffic that buys from your links. And that is how your revenue will be generated. Make sure you focus on this once you setup the site properly.

    Note: After all you have setup on such foundation and earn some regular money. Make sure you hire some virtual assistant or some staff member. And give them task to find the coupons and add into the system. This way you can focus on other tasks that matters. If you try to do such project solo then you'd not be able to work on all issues. I worked as an contract tester for one of such coupon site and I learned all this. Most of the coupon site owners started solo but later expanded into bigger brands. e.g. coupon duniya and coupon karo etc. Do note that you have to regularly change the site design to see which design brings more people on site and make them click.

  • Setting up an Affiliate link these days is not a tedious task but to run it successfully is the big question. Some of the important steps to set up an affiliate site I would like to share with you.

    1) First process involved is that you have to have a best looking site which helps you to get affiliate partnership from various merchants like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, E-bay etc. Snapdeal used to give affiliate account without asking for individual site but opposite is the case with Flipkart and other, they demand a particular domain and site.
    So, your first task is to buy a domain and get hosting. I would recommend you to get free hosting in start, later on you can upgrade to some premium hosting services.
    Complete all the formalities of the sites and then start asking for the affiliate from all the possible merchants known to you.

    2) Make a social media pages and groups and try to engage people, involve them in activities. The main aim, here should be to let the name of the site echo in the mind of the people.

    3)Now start posting various deals and coupons on your site and pages. Promote it, create sitemaps.

    Note: Use robot.txt initially so that crawlers do not crawls your website. Once you have prepared your site then remove this.

  • I would say making affiliate sites is a bit different from creating coupon-based or deals-based websites like cashkaro, couponduniya, topcashback, and so on. If your aim is to earn well via affiliate marketing, then, you can follow the below mentioned tips:

    • Start a small Wordpress based blog where you write about different products (their features, reviews, etc.) available for sale on sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Nearbuy, and so on.

    • Once you have around 12-15 good articles on your blog, you can then apply for Affiliate accounts with Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Nearbuy, etc. and display their product ads on your blog to earn whenever your readers buy any product after clicking on those affiliate ads.

    • Slowly, you can add new sections to your blog for coupons and discount vouchers related to eCommerce portals and start earning from them.

    • If you wish to tie-up with the online shopping portals for getting updated discount coupons or vouchers, then, you need to use the suggestions shared above by other experts with regards to the code and scripts.

    Please note that the above tips are being followed by me to prepare my own affiliate and online shopping blog titled 'Key2OnlineShopping'. So, I am basically sharing my experience of earning decently from affiliates.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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