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  • Windows 7 Exam 70-680 REAL EXAM

    If you are looking for some info about Exam 70-680, then ask our experts for the details.

    Can somebody help me to get some info about Exam 70-680 i need some questions about real exam because i'm just testing my self from your exam.
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  • Well I would love to deliver the knowledge I have regarding this topic. But it would be better if you could come up with more clear question as what you really looking for. As far as I could interpret that you want to know the procedure and steps required to apply for this particular exam in India? Correct me if I am wrong.

    Who should opt this Exam?
    Windows 70-680 Exam is known for the configuring ability of Windows 7 user. User or candidate opting this examination must operate in computing environments that use Microsoft Windows 7 as a desktop operating system in an enterprise environment. All those candidates who want to apply for this exam must have one year in hand experience in Information Technology field.

    How to prepare for this Exam?
    There are various Exam Preparation guide which you can find on Microsoft site. You may familiarize yourself with the content of the Exam.

    After successful completion of this certification you can become a MCP Specialist.

  • Here are some of the answers to your questions.

    Exam 70-680
    This exam is specifically designed for the Installation, configuration and deployment of Windows 7 Operating system. This is entry level of an EXAM. And it is designed to show some familiarity with the operating system operations and functions.

    Who should give this exam?
    Anyone who wishes to demonstrate his skills in delivering the operating system in the work environment. This exam definitely helps you establish in the networking job market. Most likely these exams are given by desktop support engineer or the networking engineers.

    The exam costs 3350 plus taxes depending on which center you're giving. The cost may go upto 4000 as there are local taxes and professional taxes added into it. If you go directly to Microsoft certified exam centers, you can schedule the exam with less taxes.

    Reference Content
    Most of the content for this exam is available on Microsoft community forums, Microsoft book store and the reference links given in the exam description. You may also find the test related information and sample tests around on internet.

    You may get more information on the Exam 70-680 here :

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