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  • How should I make python as my career?

    If you are thinking of making Python as your career basis, ask our expert for their best opinion.

    Dear friends, I have been in software industry as a production support engineer in Unix. Now I came to know about python and got interest in learning it. I finished the course in code academy. I feel it is very basic.

    From the job mails I receive daily for python require not only python but knowledge in django, flask, etc. Then I searched about them online and the installation of those django, flask etc themselves make my head spin.

    I have no idea how to make a career with python. What is my actual passion is using python getting a career in data analysis or big data.

    So now kindly tell me what should I do? Is there any scope for python with data analysis or big data in india? Or should I learn those frameworks which seems vast.

    Or can I have a career with python alone as a general purpose programming language? And I see that they are jython for java, Ironpyhton for dot net platform etc also. How to approach these? Which are essentials for me?

    Also tell me how much scope is there for me for python itself as I have a basic knowledge with unix in these two years support experience, I am not sure what to make my career?
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  • Python gives multiple ways for the career - System coding, Data science, Web development, desktop development.

    Full stack Python : If you want to know about full stack python solutions then do check out :

    The site shows you the possibilities with python as a programming language.

    Python and Data science : If you want to get into data science then I suggest you to first install Jupyter python (which requires installation of Numpy and Scipy) and after that read this tutorial series :

    Each video is small and specific to one problem. This will give you some understanding on how to learn data science. There are also some of the good courses on Udemy and other sites but horribly expensive like in 399$ onward. So stick with books for data science and youtube.

    Big data has a lot of scope in India or abroad due to the amount of data these days collected from users. Start from small frameworks and then expand into bigger framework.

    With data science career your job won't be limited to python. You have to learn R programming language and Hadoop too. So some knowledge of Java is also required. And maths and statistics are also required for data science positions in MNCs.

    Python as Generic Career In such case your option for career are limited to system level scripting and web development. System level scripting means you have to write scripts to mass copy data, change server configurations, set backups and schedule etc. In case of web development you are forced to learn Web2Py and DJango. And you have to start small with python otherwise it is going to be overwhelming for you. Ironpython and Jython don't have career path of their own, they are used in minor scenarios specific to a job or task. Otherwise there are no freelance or company level jobs opening for ironpython for full time. Same with jython.

    Python being the language that gets thing quickly done is favored for web development. For example Quora is written in python alone. And there are many other sites jumping from PHP to python (using either web2py or django). Some even use flask.

    Python for Testing Python along with Selenium and few other frameworks can be used in web automation. I work in this industry. I have designed a lot of python scripts too. So you can even try this path if you want to make career in python based testing.

    Your focus should be -

    1. Learn basic python.
    2. Learn web development. Build small static sites.
    3. Learn database interactivity for web app (be it django, flask and web2py). Build database connected apps.
    4. Build small projects and get some experience.

    If you go through this flow and get some industrial experience (say a startup) with that python knowledge. You can make a good career out of it. I am using python, ruby in my SDET career and this is how I proceed for jobs where they require knowledge of python for performance testing.

    You have experience with UNIX so check if you can create python scripts for system level jobs. And based on that you can get into python developer for system domain. Those jobs are quite common in CISCO, IBM and SIEMENS. Start from one angle and focus on that. You can't learn everything and expect the job because companies require some depth in specific domain.

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