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  • Samsung S7 and S7 edge comparison with Galaxy A smartphone

    Want to have a comparison between Samsung S7 and S7 edge with Galaxy A smartphone? Ask our technical experts.

    As we know, Samsung has released its latest gadget called S7 and S7 edge, very recently. Again, we got one more latest device news from Samsung which is nothing but a Galaxy A 2016 edition. Thus, what are the differences between S7 and Galaxy A? What are the technical specs, features and price compare to S7 and Galaxy A? Kindly specify in detail.
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  • I do not think it would be practical to compare the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge with the Galaxy A series smartphones. As has been stated elsewhere, the Galaxy A is not a single smartphone, but it is a term used to indicate the series of smartphones. The Galaxy A series comprises of three major smartphones - the Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7. The smartphones have an improvement over their previous iterations. They have now received an improvement in looks wherein they are now made of metal.and glass. Thus they have now rexeived a premium look. The camera has received improvements too. They have now been blessed with Optical Image Stabilisation.

    The comparison between the Galaxy S7 and it's sibling with the Galaxy A series will not be meaningful one as they are entirely different from each other. Just comparing the spec sheet and saying Galaxy S7/S7 Edge is the best would be a ridiculous proposition.
    Given the fact that the comparison should be between equivalent devices, I treat it would suffice to state that they are not comparable.

    Live....and Let Live!

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