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  • Alternative to Xiaomi Mi Pulse Band?

    Are you looking for any alternative to your Xiaomi Mi Pulse Band? Ask our experts for their best advice.

    I have this band for some time now and it seems the sensor is not functional or maybe an app issue. A lot of data collected from the band to the app doesn't compute properly. I am skeptical of the piece being normal and this could be issue of app interface. However I want to check out if I have any other good tracker band with more focus on accuracy. I don't want it to calculate the steps while I am sleeping or taking break on desk.

    What are some of the alternatives fitness tracker bands?
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  • Xiaomi Mi Pulse Band is a good one and there are couple of other brand's similar products are available in the market or online shopping. Most of them will try to get your health, heart and pulse data and remind about upcoming act or do's and dont's etc.

    You may try few of them as below;

    GetActive Tapp
    Sony Smart Fitness band
    GOQii Life Fitness Band
    Fitbit Surge band
    PTron TW64 Smart Sports band

    Some of them are cheaper one and few of them are above five thousand Indian Rupees. You can select the health / pulse band as per your budget.


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