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  • What are the best free websites to learn coding ?

    Are you in search of the best free websites to learn coding? Ask our experts for their best advice.

    The beauty of programming is that you can build whatever you can think of, with a tool
    set that would guide you through the process. A Computer is basically nothing without
    a set of instructions – Or in short – a program. A program feeds in a set of instructions
    that tells the computer what to do when a certain action is executed. So, if anyone wants to learn coding for free where should they go ?
    What are the best free websites to learn coding in the internet?
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  • There are many websites online which allow you to code online.

    1. Codecademy : This website offers online IDE and guided lesson system. They offer lessons on topics such as Python, PHP, Ruby, CSS and HTML. The lessons are very simple however it covers very small portion of each language.

    2. Free Code Camp: They offer the guided system to learn programming. You are presented with number of challenges and you have to solve them. Lot of the answers from those challenges are used for non profit companies. The languages for you to learn are HTML, CSS and Javascript, NodeJS, Git etc.

    3. Khan Academy : They have courses on basic programming language. This includes languages such as CSS, HTML and Javascript. You can also learn database scripts. Programming concepts are covered into this as well.

    4. Try Ruby : This resource from the Codeschool allows you to learn ruby programming language. It covers almost every basic concept required to learn ruby. It is guided lesson system. You don't get lessons on some of the advanced concepts in ruby into this resources.

    5. Udemy : There are some free courses offered to teach you database concepts, java, C++ and few other languages. You have to keep track on their feed in order to find the free courses that are released on regular basis.

    6. Scratch : This website from MIT lets you program small games and animation using the simple language. Scratch doesn't have coding complexity. So the language is limited for some of the animation and the gaming purpose.

    7. Learn code the hard way : This website is an index to the tutorials for you to learn languages online. You can find the languages such as - ruby, python, C, SQL and Regex. You can find that the tutorial focuses more on the content meant for in depth understanding. So depending on your choice of language, check the website and start learning from here.

    8. Reddit : There are reddit groups for almost every programming language. You can find reddit group for python, ruby, powershell, C++, Java and other languages. Do note that if you're interesting in just finding solution for your problem then reddit may not be the right resource for you.

    9. C Sharp Corder : This website has tutorials from basic to advanced level. It covers the topics such as basic C# language features and advanced features too. There are some videos as well as text tutorials. The community is focused on .NET based languages such as - C#, Visual Basic, F#, NodeJS, SQL Server etc.

    There are plenty of YouTube Channels that allows you to learn software automation testing and programming.

    1. Learn Selenium Testing :
    2. Learn NoSQL MongoDB :
    3. Learn PowerShell Basics :

    These are some of the good resources for you to start coding. Depending on the language choices and your learning track the type of YouTube channels and other resources would be different.

  • There are lot of websites teaching people on how to do coding Each website is good in one particular programming language. You should choose a site based on the programming language you want to learn.

    1. - It is one of the best site to go through if you want to become a android developer. It provides all the necessary packages to download, develop and run android applications. There are lot of sample codes available to make it easy for developers. There is also a forum to interact with other developers and clear out the issue.

    2. - It is one of my favorite to excel coding. The site is basically from India and there are lot sample codes and examples to learn excel macros. There are many basic template available in the site which is good for your day to day use

    3. - It is world's largest source of example codes related to web development. There are many lessons and samples related to HTML, Java scripting, CSS, HTML graphics, XML. It is one of the best site to go through if you want to become a web developer.

    4. Codewars - Codewars provide innovate way of learning to the users. It offers classes in Coffeescript, Javascript, python, ruby and Java.

    5. MITopencourseware - It is one of the free learning site maintained by MIT university. It contains all the study materials that they teach in MIT. You don't have to pay money to access the site. Even you don't have to create any login in the site to access the course materials.

    6. CSS-tricks - It is a blog dedicated to teach CSS.

    Below are some of the Youtube channel which might help you.

    1. Coder's Guide - It has separate videos covering lessons from various programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap and Android

    2. Devtips - It mainly focus languages related to Web design and Web development.

    3. The newboston - It has nearly million subscribers and covers Android programming, design and game development as there main topic in their videos.

  • Well, though I am not much into coding on a serious note, I rely on these sites for information on coding-

    1. CodeAcademy
    It is the undisputed leader when it comes to interactive learning of coding. The site offers easy to follow guidelines. The courses are structured to guide even the newbies.
    The site has self explanatory guides. You can try your hands at writing the codes. The program picks any mistakes you commit and warns you of your mistakes.

    2. Code school
    CodeSchool is for you if you already have previous experience in coding. The site provides in depth courses. The instructions are interactive. But, you can get baffled if you are a novice.

    3. TreeHouse
    The TreeHouse offers courses that are suitable for an amateur programmer or a novice. Each course is divided into modules. You have to pay subscriptions based on your progress.

    4. CodeHS
    This site is more simpler than the others mentioned herein. It teaches you how to think on your own and solve the problems. It actually gamifies your learning experience.

    5. Scratch2.0
    If you still think it is a tough task to learn programming, Scratch2.0 is the best choice for you. This is in fact the best tool to teach the basics of coding to a person who has no knowledge about programming at all.

    It is one of the well known EdTech firms that an undertake teachings in many fields of which programming is one of them. Though not necessarily complete programming tool, you can get some good courses if you search for them.

    7. Thinkful
    The site provides good programming skills. The learning uses interactive self learning tools. The programme is good for those who can't give a specific time for the learning.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Apart from the top places to learn to code for free online, as mentioned by experts above, there are some more top sites or blogs that be used to learn coding for free:

    • Udemy - This globally renowned e-learning platform offers thousands of courses that are taught to online learners through video tutorials.

    • - It serves as an open source higher education platform.

    • Code Conquest - Reference website to learn about basics of coding from scratch using a free coding guide and tonnes of free coding tutorials.

    • GA Dash - To learn different web based programming languages to know how to build websites.

    • Udacity - This e-learning platform provides access to different developer based courses.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

  • Programming is indeed a great tool for solving hard problems and making life easier. If you want to learn programming, I as a programmer suggest you to first get familiar with data structures and algorithms. Programming is not all about learning new programming languages and coding. Programming is all about solving problems. If you study algorithms and data structures you can solve almost all the problems that a programmer might face. So, here I will give you a list of MOOCs (Massic Open Online Course) that can help you build your basics for programming that is Algorithms Designing and Data Structures.
  • This algorithms course on Coursera by Stanford University will help you get started with algorithms. Link :, and the second part :

  • Introduction to Computer Science and Programming using Python from edX is also a great course for beginners. Link :!

  • Introduction to Computer Science by Harvard University is also a great course for beginners where you are taught to think like a programmer which is the most important thing. You will get acquainted with languages like C, PHP, and JavaScript plus SQL, CSS, and HTML. Link:

  • You can also search for other courses on websites like Coursera, Udacity, EdX, Udemy, Codecademy, Khan Academy, MIT OpenCourseWare, Codeschool, IIT Open Course (NPTEL) and many more.

    Once you have complete one of these courses, you will have a better and broad understanding of how programming works and what happens inside the computer when you write your code. Trust me, this is really important to understand before you learn any programming language if you are seriously planning to learn one. Learning these basic topics can help you avoid silly mistakes and write efficient programs.

    Once you know how to develop an algorithm for a problem you can code it in any language if you know the syntax and some basic features of the language. It takes no time to learn them, seriously. Now, let me give you some resources where you can learn the programming languages.

  • The YouTube channel called thenewboston is an amazing channel which has programming tutorials on most of the popular and common programming languages. And Bucky teaches it in such a way that you will enjoy learning.

  • There is another YouTube channel called Derek Banas which also has programming tutorials on almost all popular languages. He teaches a little too fast for a beginner. But just give it a try.

    The most used programming languages are C++, Java, Python, etc. for desktop programming.

    Let me tell you something interesting. The best way to learn programming is by actually installing the compiler and IDE and getting started right away. Learn the syntax and start developing something. You can start with HTML and CSS or Javascript if you have really no idea about programming languages. Now, if you encounter any error or difficulty there are websites like stackoverflow which has a lot of experienced programmers who can help you figure out the mistake and get you going.

    Now, when you have coded for a while and have become an intermediate coder, try grabbing some projects form GitHub and try to figure out the code. Try contributing to open source community on GitHub. Try brushing up your programming skills by participating in competitive programming websites like TopCoder, HackerRank, Codeforces, etc. You will definitely love your journey of coding.
    Happy Coding.
  • The best free websites to learn coding are, as below;

    The first one is,

    The next ones are :

    Others...Don't fear the Internet, Learn layout, A to Z CSS, Dash, Web accessibility, The Hello World, Khan Academy etc.


  • Hello. I want to suggest some learning sites for you. I post about this on my blog too.

    Here you will get A to Z pdf for every language many be C, C++, Java, Android, Swift and many more. Online coding ground is also present to run programs. Free of cost. No need to pay any cash to download pdf.

    2. Codecademy
    It is the most interactive place to learn. Just learn on one side and perform the same on other side. It is free of cost.

    3. Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA)
    It is a place provided officially by Microsoft for students as well as for developers to learn more about languages like, Javascript, C#, C++, etc and latest technologies. You will be awarded with a Microsoft certificate after successfully completing any courses.
    It is absolutely free of cost for each and every course you take.

    4. eDX
    It is an MOOC (Massive Open Online Learning) where thousands of universities such as Harvard, MIT, IIT Bombay, Trinity college, etc post their courses on languages. If we successfully complete the course, then a free Honor Code certificate will be awarded by those universities.
    Courses are free of cost along with Honor Code certificate.

    5. Udemy
    It is also an MOOC where the subject experts post their course.
    We can select any one of them and start learning. Cost depends on the courses but most of the basic languages courses are free.

    6. Udacity
    It is the huge MOOC where tech giants like Google, Amazon, etc post courses many be on latest technologies like Android, some marketing courses. It is a big opportunity for us to learn through tech giants. Free courses are available here.

    7. Alison
    You can surf through many languages here. Learn for free of cost.

    8. Treehouse
    It's my favourite one. Best tutorials are given here.

    So these were the sites which I refer and find it more interactive to learn coding.

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