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  • Which Car is having the lowest price and highest demand?

    If you are curious to know which are the most popular cars in the current trend that have the lowest rice and the highest demand, ask from our technical experts for their best advice.

    The outer body or hardware of the luxurious cars or any other roadways vehicles are manufactured by the automobile engineers in automobile companies. But how those people identify which is the best and demanded vehicles in the present era?
    There are so many most awaited and wanted cars.
    Which would be liked by most of the people at lowest price and highest demand of its trend?
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  • It is evident that the demand and price of any product is commensurate to each other. A lower price with moderately good performance increases demand, and an increased demand helps in mass production which again makes the cycle complete as it helps in keeping the rate low.

    In general every newly introduced model or newly redesigned cars undergo a season of high demand in the first few weeks or even months once they reach the showrooms and attracts media attention. The manufacturer would go busy in producing as many number of the car as possible within the least bit of time. But what happens is that the demand from the "first on the block" consumers generally outweighs the supply too far.

    Currently the lowest price cars that have reached the top of popularity and usage are:

    Tata Nano : 2.17 lakhs to 2.44 lakhs,

    Maruti Suzuki Alto 800: 2.81 lakhs to 3.06 lakhs

    Maruti Suzuki Omni: 2.57 lakhs to 3.05 lakhs

    The range differs as per the city it is purchased in.

  • Highest demand is for the diesel based cars. Though they are not low priced but they have lot of demand. Government has increased sales tax on such cars but still demand is going to be high. The reason being it is efficient and also you can save money and fuel too.

    Here are some of the cars that are in demand as per car expo results:

    1. Chevrolet Beat (4-5 Lakhs varies as per city)
    2. Mahindra KUV100 ( 4.5 to 5.5 Lakh variable)
    3. Honda Brio (4.28 lakh to 6 L variable)
    4. Hyundai i10 ( 4.30 lakh to 5.5. Lakh variable)
    5. Maruti Suzuki Wagon R ( 4.05 lakh to 5.5 Lakh variable)

    Do note that every city has different price for the car due to the shipping and the showroom pricing. Also the import in metro or tier 1 cities have increased the price by 1 Lakh due to sales tax. If you are in such cities then surely you'd find that over a period.

    Here are some of the cars that are about to be launched in the market:

    1. Tata Tiego ( 3.9 to 4.5 Lakh)
    2. Maruti Ignis (4 L to 5 L)
    3. Renault Duster (6 to 7L expected)

    These are some of the cars that are going to be launched. Out of all the upcoming models of the cars. I think Maruti Ignis and the Tiago is going to be the lowest and in demand car. There are few other Tata and Maruti model revision may take place in upcoming months but these two are confirmed models.

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