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  • Does Samsung S7 support virtual reality or not?

    If you are eager to know if Samsung S7 supports virtual reality, ask our technical experts.

    Virtual reality becomes new way of entertaining people. There are more number of smartphone supporting virtual reality. Many of the top companies like Google, Facebook and Apple are investing a lot in bring out new features in virtual reality.
    Samsung S7 smartphone is about to launch by next month. The phone is priced higher than other mobiles. There are lot of new features introduced in this smartphone. I gone through the specification list in couple of online sites and couldn't find whether it can support virtual reality or not.

    Does Samsung S7 supports virtual reality?
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  • Yes - the Galaxy S7 does have support for virtual reality. In fact, Samsung has made it clear that they have opted for microUSB port instead of USB Type C port with an aim not to disrupt the compatibility with Gear VR. The statement is a clear indication of the fact that the device supports virtual reality.

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  • Yes,the Samsung Galaxy S7 support Virtual reality. Even Samsung has announced at the Mobile World Congress trade fair in Barcelona that it would give away its Gear VR headset for free with every pre-order for its new flagship Galaxy S7 phone. Samsung is giving a free Gear VR headset to those who have pre-ordered or bought the smartphones between February 23 and March 18.

  • Yes, Galaxy S7 supports virtual reality. In the official site of Samsung, it has been clearly declared that they have included the option for microUSB port replacing the USB Type C port. The reason behind it is to achieve uninterrupted compatibility with the VR Gear .

  • Galaxy S7 is the only model used for the Occulus Rift Gear demo. The model was designed keeping in mind the launch of VR experience. Currently there is only one VR gear available in the market so the driver and display support is exclusive to Occulus VR. In future they may update the Android on the phone to support other gears. As per MWC 2016 statement, both Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, both support VR gears.

    You can find more about Samsung Galaxy S7 support of VR here :

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