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    If I restore a backup of Windows partition, will it be bootable?

    Are you working on Linux Mint installation? Want to know the result of partition restoring of old Microsoft Windows backup to new a partition? Do you have any question to ask on this issue or have any relevant reply? Come join this thread.

    I installed Linux Mint on a system and in meantime of process, erased the Windows partition. However, I had backed up the entire partition, beforehand. Now, if I just copy those files onto a new partition, will everything be OK?

    P.S. Is there a way to run

    chkdsk -f

    without installing Windows?
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  • If it was Windows 8 which supports portable booting, then it may work, but if it was an earlier version of Windows, I think you might have to reinstall the OS. I'm not sure though.

  • No, I don't think that will help you.
    For windows OS to boot up it need a primary file called MBR( master boot register) this set of files contain the information about loading the windows operating system. Its like the icon of a software, when you click it it executes all the paths and locate files and load your software. The MBR is a auto executable file which work as a icon to windows. When you separate the drive everything will be lost and for Linux grub is the loader. So, even if you bring back all just it was, it doesn't mean you have the MBR in correct position.

    I do have a solution that can help you. If you have windows files backed in your primary drive. Download the ISO of RECATUX, burn it and boot it up. This small Linux OS will open up with a window. In that click restore MBR. That's it problem solved.

  • Restoration of partition will not boot and load the OS as the restoration process is not creating MBR (Master Boot Records) in the disk which is required for booting the system.

    You need to do the fresh installation of Windows OS on your PC after taking the data backup to another partition of same hard disk or to the external USB hard disk.

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