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    How to toggle from EDGE to HSDPA for Samsung Android smartphone?

    Want to know how to toggle from EDGE to HSDPA on an Android smartphone? Know how to change Edge connection to HSDPA on your Android smartphone? Check the answers from our experts.

    How can I change from EDGE to HSDPA on a mobile network.
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone.
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  • The method to toggle between EDGE and HSDPA can be done following the below mentioned steps. However, the exact steps would depend on the OS version and country specific model.

    1. Go to Settings.

    2. Under the Connections tab, tap on More Nerworks.

    3. Now tap on Mobile Networks.

    4. On the next screen, tap on Network Mode.

    Now you can set it to either AUTO, WCDMA(or HSDPA) or GSM (or EDGE).

    However please note that the location of the settings may differ based on your model. Look out for Mobile Networks and change it from there.

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  • I also own a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I think I will be best to answer your question.

    First of all make sure that your SIM card is 3G compatible. It if it is then activate any 3G internet plan. After doing all these, please follow steps below to enable HSDPA services.

    1. Open Menu and navigate to Setting.
    2. Open More Network and choose Mobile networks.
    3. You will be able to find Network mode there. Click on it and toggle it to WCDMA only.

    For an instance your mobile network will went out but it will connect to 3G compatible bands and you will be bale to use 3G services.

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  • Make sure you have data plan active or have enough data to test this. Another thing to note that make sure that your SIM is new and compatible with the 3G. You can't use 2G data SIM for this to work.

    Follow the steps below:

    1. Swipe the top menu and click on settings icon.
    2. Go to "Network" and then select "Mobile Networks".
    3. You have an option to choose from Auto or WCDMA.
    4. Make the selection as required.

    If you don't see the HSDPA enabled, you can also restart the smartphone. And if this doesn't work then look for your telecom operator specific Code to enable HSDPA.

    Such codes allow you to access "HSPA Revision" menu. You get to choose in between 3G only, HSDPA only or both in this menu. This should be used only if the other methods didn't worked. Also you can take the SIM and handset to the mobile shop nearby in case if none of the methods work.

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