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  • Charger that can fast charge my Redmi 1S

    Do you want to buy the best possible charger for your Redmi 1S for fast charging? Ask for our experts' advice.

    My Redmi 1S original charger is now not working and I'm using a regular charger which fully charge my device in 4 hours which is too slow.
    I tried my friends OnePlus One's charger which really does the good job it charge my device twice the original charger can. I want to buy best possible charger for my Redmi 1S for fast charging so suggest me chargers that are available online to buy.
    It would be great if you can explain why OnePlus One's charger able charge my device much faster?
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  • To begin with, using some other charger than the one provided by the manufacturer will not be a good idea. The battery on your smartphone is designed for a particular charge and voltage. Using a high capacity charger may result in faster charging initially, it can have detrimental effects on the battery lifetime. You could even get your battery burst, or face fire issues.

    Having said that, here are a few chargers that may be helpful.

    1. USB Mobile Phone Wall Charger
    It is available on The high capacity charger can be bought at Rs. 295. It assures quicker charging. It can be used as wall charger or for charging/connecting your phone to PC/Laptop.

    2. Micro USB Black Charger
    The charger is priced at Rs. 249. You may buy it from The charger can be used to connect your device to computers as well. Please note you need to pay Rs. 49 towards shipping.

    Even with the availability of these ( and many other) chargers both online and offline, I would still insist on going for a charger from manufacturer itself. Check if Xiaomi has any fast charger for your model. High output chargers can charge your phone faster, at the same time they will reduce the lifetime of your battery.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Redmi1S makes use of MicroUSB standard so you can just go out and buy the new one for your phone. So this data transfer cable can be more than enough for your needs. You can buy this microUSB cable from the Xiaomi service centers or you can purchase the cable from online shops.

    Alternatively you can get the charger from other brands such as Samsung. The current model Samsung On7's charger would be good enough for the Redmi 1s.

    1. ShopSome Samsung J5/J7 Battery Charger - Find this charger on flipkart and snapdeal. The price should be around 255-275.

    2. Samsung ATADU10IBECINU Battery Charger - This is official samsung charger that works on every samsung device. You can get it for around - 300 to 350 Rs.

    These two chargers are least expensive can work with all Xiaomi models. Another option go to Xiaomi store in your city and get the charger for even more cheaper price. Also do note that if you keep the phone in airplane mode with data disabled the charging would be lot quicker.

  • My Lenovo A-7000 comes with battery having 5 Volt and 1.5 Ampere. Battery is 2900 mAh while another phone Lenovo P1m with 3900mAh battery comes with specification of 5 Volt and 2 Ampere.
    Here you can see the difference in the Ampere. Similarly, is the case with your phone. I would suggest you to buy any charger with similar Input and Output as your previous charger. That would be better for you. Else you may also go for the same charger.

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