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  • Is there any heating issue with Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo?

    Are you worried whether there is any heating issue with Lenovo P1 Turbo? Check out the answers from our technical experts.

    Lenovo has quietly launched the 'Turbo' variant of its Vibe P1 smartphone in Indonesia. The Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo is available for pre-orders at IDR 3,999,000 (roughly Rs. 20,000) in Silver, Graphite Gray, and Gold colour variants. The handset's availability details outside the region are not yet known. So is there any heating issue with Lenovo P1 Turbo?
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  • Yes, Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo is affected by heating issues due to Snapdragon 615 processor and turbo charger. Apart from that its battery is non-removable which makes it prone to heat.

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  • The answer to your question is Yes. Lenovo Vibe P1 problem is the heating issues which at times becomes quite hot, like when games are being played for quite some time or if there are more number of software running in the background and when charging the battery.
    There are mainly two reasons for it of which the primary one is the Snapdragon 615 octacore chipset and the secondary is when charging the battery with turbo charger.


  • This is to inform in general that not only Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo get heated after or above 10 minutes of usage whether its is Snapdragon processor or a different one but most of the Smartphones get heated generally after 10 to 15 minutes its continue usage specially playing game or browsing net or watching videos etc.

    This applies to even expensive gadget iOS too. There are couple of reason for it beside its own heating issue. One of them is climate differs country to country and user body temperature differs person to person holding phones. It might be funny but it impacts and effects.


  • Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo seems to be having a lot of software and hardware bugs. This could be due to spec mismatch issues, which can be patched over a period of time. However in between the process leads to heating issues.

    The noticeable problems of heating are as follows.

    1. Heat dissipation after the battery charging process. Upto 15 minutes are taken by some devices to cool down.

    2. Graphics heavy apps or games make the device get more heat into the device.

    3. Enabling 3G data leads to heat dissipation too.

    Out of these three points the device will patch in the next few updates. However battery charging patch is likely to take time considering it is device interface issue.

    You can find the other issues reported by the users here :

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