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  • How long will the MX4 Pro last starting from today?

    Are you planning to go for a MX4 Pro from Meizu? Check out how long it can prolong its performance and its current specs from our technical experts.

    I am planning on buying the MX4 Pro from Meizu. However, I am concerned if it will last the next 2-4 years with its current specs. Would you advise to go for the purchase now or wait a month or so? Currently my Moto G 2013 is decaying on me and I am in need of an upgrade.
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  • There is no guarantee of long lasting duration of Smartphone though it is technically fit. People and trend tend to change the smartphone within six months to one year in India. Gone are those days where people used to stick on a particular old mobile phone models. These days are quite different among new generation or youth who often upgrade their smartphone as soon as possible to get the latest one.

    This is even applies not only to Meizu MX4 Pro but even S7 and iPhone latest release etc. Considering the fact, these companies are used to release their high end products once in a year though lot of competitions around. In between, they release different gadgets to cover the gap, sales and revenue.


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