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    Can we use Sodexo gift pass in Flipkart ?

    Want to know if Sodexo gift pass can be used at Flipkart? Ask our experts for the best advice.

    I wanted to know if Sodexo gift pass can be used at Flipkart. Can we use Sodexo gift pass in Flipkart ? Please tell me.
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  • Sodexo Gift passes are rarely accepted on online stores. So you will not be able to use it on Flipkart - at least as of now.
    You can redeem them at your local stores like BigBazar, WallMart or other outlets like Spencers, Titan and Nike. The passes have acceptability at select outlets only.
    However, has now commenced to accept Sodexo passes. You may contact their Customer service.

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  • No, Sodexo gift passes are not available to use in Flipkart. There are various merchants listed as the affiliated networks of Sodexo passes in their website.
    Flipkart name is not mentioned in that list.

  • As per the Sodexo network's listing. The coupon is not available to use for Flipkart or any other popular online shopping network. You can however use the Sodexo on most of the offline merchants. You should check out the Sodexo merchant website. You'll find the listing of the merchants where you're allowed to use the sodexo passes. There is no mention of Flipkart, snapdeal, amazon and jabong shops there. It seems they are yet to be into the retailing websites.

  • Most of the Sodexo coupons are for offline retailers, so there is no support for Flipkart.

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  • As of now, you can't use Sodexo coupon / gift pass to buy an item from Flipkart or eBay online services etc. Yes, you can use them in selected offline shopping. You may refer Sodexo affiliate over here for more detail.


  • You can't use Sodexo Coupons in Flipkart. To know about Sodexo Merchant Network visit

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