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    How to increase downloading speed?

    Are you tired of the low downloading speed? Does your browsing speed become low when you start downloading something? Learn how to increase your internet speed so as to enjoy surfing and downloading together at a decent speed.

    Is there any way to increase my downloading speed in Mozilla Firefox? While downloading my browsing speed reduces. Please give me advice so that i can enjoy browsing and downloading speed. Also want to know is there any other internet browser which is better than mozilla firefox in the sense of speed and using comfort?
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  • You can use Google Chrome for better performance for browsing and downloading with required speed. I think you are using 3G connectivity and it won't have any issue on downloading speed when you use Mozilla. If you are still facing issue upon using 3G data connectivity vs Mozilla software, you may then try to un-install and re-install Mozilla software to perform even better.

    Google Chrome is far better these days since it helps you to browse in the even faster way, you can also download and upload the files within few seconds/minutes based on the file sizes.


  • To download faster, you should use a faster data connection. Besides, there are many softwares available that accelerate the downloading speed

  • I think there are no efficient ways to improve internet speed on slow connections. If you are using 2G, better shift to a 3G connection. Also, as said above Google chrome works better that Firefox. Here I'll give you few advises to improve your speed.
    1. Clean the browser cookies and history every month to attain better speed.
    2. Try to avoid using multiple tabs at a time while downloading.
    3. Better choose an open place where proper signal is available.

    Still if your problem persists, change your network and choose the one that works better(strong signal) in your area.

  • Some of the tips to increase the downloading speed are:
    1. Go to START.
    2. Then select RUN.
    3. Then type "gpedit.msc" in the RUN command.
    4. Go to Configuration of the computer.
    5. Find Administrative Templates.
    6. Select the Network and Package Manager QoS.
    7. Restart PC/Laptop.
    8. Install Adguard program which disables ads in browser.
    9. Close all the running application over the Internet.
    10. Open Task Manager.
    11. Check whether the programs have been disabled or not.
    12. Turn off all the downloading managers.
    13. Turn off torrent clients.
    14. Disable loading of images.
    15. Use NetScream application in the system.

  • For increasing the download speed on your PC, your internet bandwidth capacity must be with more in MB size. Also, you can use the Google Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox browser for downloading. There is additional option available for downloading, that is to install 'DownThemeAll' Firefox add-on and start downloading through this add-on where the resume option is also available. It is very good download tool even if you have a low bandwidth internet connection.

  • Internet Download speed always depends upon internet plan, but some software are used to overcome these slower downloads.
    Top 3 High speed download software

    1)Internet Download Manager

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    2)Download Accelerator Plus

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    3)Free Download Manager

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