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    Does coolpad note 3 support virtual reality?

    Have you heard about VR bundle? To know more about it and its relationship with Coolpad note 3, ask our expert's opinion.

    Yesterday while shopping in eBay, I came across Coolpad note 3 with a special offer along with they are providing free VR bundle. What is that free VR bundle? Is it virtual reality headset? Does coolpad note 3 supports virtual reality? What are the mobile phones which are available in India supports virtual reality?
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  • I think VR ( Virtual Reality ) is supported by every touch screen mobile. All you need is a Cardboard for the functioning of VR. I got my hands on Google cardboard and all you need is a Smartphone which can play VR videos because normal videos will not complete our task you need separate videos which are designed especially for VR.

    Set up your Smartphone in Google cardboard and enjoy the VR. Google cardboard supports Smartphone with a size of 4-5 inches. So the Smartphone with that screen size will give a good experience and go with a screen with a good pixel density for better VR.

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