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    Can I use my friend"s AdSense on my blog (My blog rejected by adsense)

    Want to someone else's AdSense account on your blog? Find out how to use friend's AdSense ID on your blog.

    My blog is 1+ yr old and has decent amount of posts and traffic. When I applied to AdSense it got rejected.

    One of my friends has google AdSense working. As I don't want to reapply and get rejected again. Can I use my friend's AdSense on my blog?
    Will there be any issue for my friend?
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  • Do you know the reason why your AdSense application got rejected? One of the primary reason in rejection is that the blog you used to apply for AdSense account may not comply with the standards set by Google AdSense.

    In such case, it will definitely bring problem to your friend AdSense account if he used his AdSense account in your blog.

    I suggest you to analyze the reason for rejection and try to fix it.

  • Using your friends adsense on your blog would only accumulate the earnings on your friends account. And if you add the URL channel inside his account then counting the money earned would be easier. Though I don't suggest you to follow this path. As such partnership type of stuff is money sharing never ends well unless you are extremely professional.

    You have to also find out the reason why your application is rejected. Improve your blogs quality. And improve your writing. Work on this as much as you can. As long as you have good writing skills, good homepage and decent traffic. You should not have any issue having your application rejected. It takes 6 months for your domain or blog before Google adsense can approve such individual account. Otherwise you have an option to use Hosted adsense application.

    I suggest you to buy a domain, blog for 6 months. Write articles on regular basis. Create some good traffic around the blog. And make sure you have some decent homepage. Once you have this then go ahead and reapply after 6-8 months back to Adsense. This should get you the adsense account.

  • I would advice you to check the reasons for your Google AdSense application getting rejected. Your blog may have certain serious violations of Google policies. When Google rejects your application, it clearly mentions the reasons for the rejection. It also provides you with the suggestions.
    And in case, your blog has any issues that Google considers not suitable for an approved AdSense account, using your friend's account on your blog can have serious implications for his account.
    Moreover, the earnings from your friend's AdSense account will be transferred to him and as such this might create rift between you over financial matters.
    Instead of going that way, I would advice you to improve upon your blog. Write some high quality posts. Get some decent organic traffic. Be innovative and unique with your content. Having done that, you can re-apply for the AdSense account. If you meet all the requirements for a AdSense account, I can't see why your AdSense application gets rejected.
    If you are still in doubt about getting approved, go for a blogspot blog and write a few good quality articles. Wait for some good traffic and apply for a hosted account through it. Once you get the hosted account, you can place a request to use the account on your blog.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • First analyze why your blog has been rejected for approval. Using your friends Adsense account is fine until google finds it out. But there will be 50-50 chance even though you escaped and just before payment they may catch and ban you which will make your money vanish from your account.

    So analyze what went wrong with your blog. Content may not be the issue, as google nowadays not emphasizing on that for the approval process. Even in 1 day by writing 5 posts we can get Ad sense approval. So just see that and you can restart your blog if the number of posts is less than 5. Just delete the posts and write 5 unique posts which are not on a common topic and then focus on your design and mobile responsiveness.

    Check everything and apply again, keep the colors dull rather than bright and add the code in the sidebar without tweaking the code and make sure you use the address which is new ( never used in other accounts).

    Do share the points what google has stated for the reasons of denying approval, which will help us to give better answers.

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