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  • Video Sharing Websites

    Are you interested in knowing the 10 Most Popular Video Sharing Websites? Ask our experts' opinion.

    Describe the 10 Most Popular Video Sharing Websites
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  • Well, there are many such sites, but nothing beats YouTube. The alternative options could be

    1. VIMEO
    Vimeo is more professional than YouTube. It offers you two sorts of accounts - one free account with basic features and two different paid subscriptions with advanced features. It is one of the fastest growing platforms in the genre.

    It is a French video sharing website that lets you share and view videos. It has a wide range of videos available on it ranging across almost all genres.

    3. BREAK
    This is a platform for funny videos. You can upload videos in a wider range of formats. You can also upload images. The service allows you to upload videos via mobile phone.

    4. Metacafe
    It has a good curation. It has a review system that aims at keeping the shared videos at a higher quality. It has a good global community. It does offer you a clean and well organised video sharing.

    5. Google Video
    Being a Google service, it links with your Google account. It has a large number of categories to choose from. The customer service is quite good.

    6. Yahoo Video
    It specialises in movie trailers and television shows. Though not strictly a video sharing service, it does offer some good content.

    Blip is a video sharing cum social networking site. You can search for your favourite videos by searching or through built in tags. You can upload your own videos here by becoming a contributor.

    8. Vube
    You can upload your videos on Vube and earn dollars. The service lets you create channels for free and the best part, it is free. It has over 30 million visitors per month.

    9. Vine
    A Twitter subsidiary, Vine allows you upload shorter videos. You can upload videos of six second duration. The service is known more for funny videos and music shows.

    10. Liveleak
    Founded in 2006, the site is known for reality videos. It features videos like the times of war, politics and world events. The website also has options for live chat.

    There are many more video sharing sites than those featured above. The term "best" is relative and as such each one of those mentioned herein or in any other responses are dependent solely on the user interests. Each of these sites cater to a definite genre of people and as such can be treated the best among the equivalents.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • These are 10 popular Video sharing websites.

    1. YouTube - This is one of the popular video hosting and sharing network. It has millions of page views per minute. It also hosts some of the most largest collection of videos in almost every niche.

    2. Vimeo - This is more of private video sharing network. The free plan has limitations for video storage and streaming. Paid plans are liberal with their offering.

    3. DailyMotion - This is more of a clone of Youtube. Most of the content is scraped off youtube and shown here. The video quality is subpar and streaming is not good at all. Creators have no plan of making money off this network. So not many original creators.

    4. MetaCafe - This is another network that curates the videos from other popular websites. It is often down due to too many server requests. Not reliable for hosting videos.

    5. Vine - This video network is full of people sharing humor and other random videos. Most of the videos into this are in list format or best or top types. It has lot of traffic. Though not many people make money from it as they don't have any ad sharing feature.

    6. Twitch - This is network for the gamers. So if you are playing game online and wish to stream your game play. Then this is the network for you. Only limited to gamers and the gaming review type of channels or creators. No other topics are allowed or possible to stream.

    7. - Archive is more of a project that stores videos which people want to archive for longer time. There are some historical videos and also some random public videos being stored.

    8. videos - Most of the TV channel updates and trailers are posted here. Not many public submissions are visible on the site. So it seems less of public sharing and more of corporate sharing website.

    9. Stupid Videos - This is public video network focused on humor and other funny videos. It has large collection of funny videos hosted on their network. It has user account section from where you can upload the videos.

    10. Flicrkr Videos - Though it doesn't give you much space for the videos. You can upload your mobile or DSLR videos on their network. Not much of streaming and sharing friendly as of yet. But it seems they are just testing the feature for the Pro accounts.

    These are 10 video sharing websites that you can try out. There are many other niche based video networks. However most of the networks out there have specific niche and geographic focus.

  • There are more then 100 video sites on the web that are existent with several features and functionalities. The following are the best video sites I found on the basis of their user ratings and they are absolutely Free.

    1 YouTube
    YouTube has become the number one video sharing web application which is available for all Smartphones, iPhones, iPads and Window Phones. You get 61 language versions through its user interface. YouTube is directly integrated with google+ social networking website and also chrome web browser. You can view Youtube videos within the google+ interface itself.

    2 Netflix
    Netflix is the next popular video streaming website through which you can Watch TV shows and Movies at your will, and watch any video anywhere on the web. It stretches support for Window PC, Linux, and Mac operating system as well . You can watch Netflix videos on the Xbox 360 game consoles and also on Sony computer entertainment Playstation 3.

    3 -
    Vimeo comes next to the row of popularity in the video platforms but there uploading commercial content is not allowed. Every uploaded content on vimeo has to be original and non commercial. Vimeo non plus users are allowed to upload only up to on one HD video per week and, and up to 500 mega byte of videos in a week. The premium account holders can can create any number of channels, upload unlimited HD videos, albums and groups.

    Yahoo screen is one of the most popular video hosting websites in recent days. It has on demand video streaming service especially for TV shows, movies, webisodes and even for other media. Yahoo Video service supports a huge number of video categories like Comedy Music, Celebrity, Gaming and Food, Fashion& Beauty, Finance, Health, Sports, Movies, News, Tv, Travel, Technology news etc.

    5 Dailymotion
    Dailymotion provides simple functionality video uploading and browsing system and has also added few more features like subscribing to channels, adding friends which the users could follow themselves and also recommend those videos to their friends and acquaintances. Dailymotion users are allowed to integrate videos on their own websites and blogs. They can watch their own videos on Facebook platform, on smart TV, Android and Xbox 360, and through their "video on demand" program.

    6 Vube is another video sharing webspace where you can upload your favorite video clips and earn thousands of dollars. Vube is also offering all of their services completely free. Here you can create your own channel for publishing your content, can comment on the clips to collaborate, interact with people and provide feedback, follow other channels, share content, receive notifications, and connect with other social networking services.

    7 Vine
    The Vine Video application supports Window Phone, Android, iOS operating system. The app size is 14 MB and it is available in 25 languages. It is originally a short form video clip sharing service that allows users to upload and record only six second long looping video clips and then to "revine". This feature revine is a functionality which helps in sharing other peoples posts among the followers. Vine supports social networks like Facebook and Myspace .

    8 Twitch
    Twitch is a website for direct live streaming video where you can find the top video shows likedestructoid, joystiq, manvsgame. Twitch platform is ideally crafted for the real time coverage of e-sports tournaments and also for gaming related talk shows. This is a website that has a dedicated software for Xbox one, Play station 4, and Xbox 360. You can even get twitch mobile apps on android devices and iOS platforms.

    9 Liveleak
    Live leak is a popular video sharing website that covers categories of videos from reality footage, politics, war clips, and world events. Live leak provides a good number of categories also provides chat option for its users and viewers.

    Ustream supports a number of video streaming functionality like easy streaming, multi-device support, HD broadcasting, developer APIs, embedding and engaging with audience. It covers all major categories like news, technology, entertainment and also political events. Ustream has a fingerprinting system which can detect copyrighted content. This Website application is available in English, Spanish, German, Korean and Japanese languages.

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