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  • How to use proxy server to unblock the block sites.

    If you are looking for ways to unblock a blocked site, here are the best possible ways suggested by our technical experts.

    I want to know about how to unblock a blocked site. It means some of the sites are blocked which are not accessible even while having internet connection. So please give me any suggestion to unblock that sites most of time proxy server are also not work in this case.
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  • Most of the websites you get are blocked by ISP. So unless you switch the IP address using VPN network, there is no way to access them. In such case you'd be using VPN software on your desktop or browser to change your IP address. And once you do that and set the IP to another country, you can access most of the websites.

    Here are some of the browser add-ons that you can use.

    1. ZenMate - This VPN extension works on Opera, Chrome and Firefox. And you can set the IP to US, romania and few other countries. The paid version allows you to set any countries IP. And you can easily access the websites.

    2. Dot VPN - This extension works similar to Zenmate but with limited features. You may also notice a bit slow server response in some cases too. But it can get the job done and you can view blocked websites easily.

    3. GomVPN - GOM is a good Proxy service. It has both paid and free plans. You can use free plan for most of your normal browsing usage. And you can get most of the websites unblocked that are blocked by Indian ISP.

    There are many other proxy unblocking add ons for browser. And there are some of the Windows based apps too. Depending on your requirement you can choose which option to go for the proxy server.

  • Certain sites are blocked by ISPs based on the directives from the government or the authorities. You will not be able to access them without changing your IP address. Changing your IP address can be accomplished by using VPN services. Some trusted VPN services and addons are

    1. Hola Unblocker
    This is a Firefox add on and works with most of the sites. There are instances of it not working with a few sites. But being a free service, it is a worth download.

    2. CyberGhost VPN
    This is not dependent on your browser. All of your Internet work is covered by it. Free version lets you have a three hour sessions, while paid version gets you unlimited usage. The service works with Windows, Mac and Android OS.

    3. Hot spot Shield VPN
    It is one of the popular free VPN service. It boasts of a large user base of around 200 million. Setup and usage is quite user friendly. But the ads tend to be too much. You need to subscribe to paid version to get rid of ads.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Are you unable to access the sites in your college or office? I guess your administration block certain sites for some reason.
    It is not advisable to use proxy servers to unblock sites. It is easy to trace such attempts.
    They may take actions against people who are doing such attempts.

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